IGS News April 2015
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One of the babies in the Indian study receives its Vitamin A dose.

New publication: 
Caesarian section yield greatest financial protection

In a recent article published in the Lancet, Stephane Verguet, Dawit Desalegn, Kjell Arne Johansson, Solomon Memirie, and others used a new method "Extended cost-effectiveness analysis" to assess the health gains and financial risk protection benefits of health interventions that could be financed by the Ethiopian government.

The authors found that publicly financing measles and pneumococcal vaccinations would bring about the greatest health gains; and that financing caesarean section, tuberculosis treatment and antihypertensives would result in the greatest financial risk protection benefits. Read more here.
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Use the Employee pages! 

Employee pages provide an overview of everything related to your employment conditions: From welfare services (cheaper tickets to the cinema, concerts, events etc, rental of the UiB cabins) to applications for leaves of absence, sick leave and the working environment, to typical operating and service functions, such as parking, the security centre telephone number and the campus bus timetable.

The website also contains links to administration services and tools that are useful during the daily workday, relevant information on UiB as an institution, laws, regulations, and updated notifications on seminars, events, courses and other matters related to UiB.
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International conference: Nursing home patients with dementia suffer needlessly

The 7th International Congress of Pain in Dementia took place in Bergen 24th to 25th of April. COST-Action TD 1005 is a multidisciplinary group of international researchers from 16 European countries, Australia and USA, with focus on pain in dementia, palliative care, psychometric properties, laboratory pain research, clinical studies, and implementation. Since 2011, it has been the goal to improve pain recognition and management and to develop an international agreed tool to assess pain in people with dementia.

The Bergen congress team, mainly with members from the Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS), organized the conference, which were highly successful. Read more about the conference and the news coverage here.

Photographer: Jørgen Barth

It's time to put electrophysical agents back in the physiotherapy toolbox

Professor Jan Magnus Bjordal from the Physiotherapy Research Group at IGS has amassed considerable empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of EPA in the treatment and management of a number of physiological conditions. Along with others, he will be presenting his work at the World Federation of Physical Therapy Congress in May. Learn more
Derfor er jeg lege - Brenner for global helseforskning

Experiencing senseless tragedy inspired a research career

Researcher Ingunn Engebretsen experienced the tragedy of children dying from diarrhoea during field work in Uganda in 1997. It was a turning point and provided her with the motivation to learn more about medicine and how health issues are dealt with in society. Engebretsen was interviewed in Tidsskriftet, the Norwegian Medical Association's journal . Read more and see the video here (in Norwegian).

Walking speed relates to life expectancy

Mona Kristin Aaslund is a post doc in the Physiotherapy Research Group at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, University of Bergen. She is involved in research that is demonstrating that a person’s walking speed (vitality) may indicate something of that person’s health status and life expectancy.
The research was highlighted in a recent article in the Norwegian newspaper, “Aftenposten”.  

Staff and personnel news

This month we are very happy to present our new Head of Administration Siri Smith-Giske! (picture) Siri started April 30th and she is looking forward to meeting you all. Some of you may know her from when she worked at IGS in 2012. The last two and a half years she has been coordinating the section for studies at the departments K1 and K2.

We also want to welcome Gunhild Agdesteen who started April 7th to work specifically with communication at The Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS).

New doctors

15 April Randi Jepsen defended her thesis: "Physical activity and patient-reported outcomes during a two-year lifestyle intervention for severly obese adults"
17 April Elsa Mari Ruberg Ekra defended her thesis: "Ha armslag og være omsluttet - En livsverdensfenomenologisk studie om erfaringer av å være innlagt i sykehus som barn med nyoppdaget diabetes i perioden 1950-1980 og i dag"
21 April Aud Jorunn Orøy (picture) defended her thesis: "Å balansere på en knivsegg. En fenomenologisk studie av helsepersonalets erfaringer i forbindelse med spørsmålet om organdonasjon"
29 April Kristina Riis Iden defended her thesis: "Depresjon i sykehjem - Underdiagnostikk og overbehandling"

Coming disputations

21 May Sidsel Ellingsen will defend her thesis: «Tiden i livet og livet i tiden»


May 13 Frokostseminar: «Eg tvitrar, altså er eg»: Forskarar i sosiale medium, påmeldingsfrist 08.05.2015
May 19
Health Care Technology Conference: Bergen University College focus on innovation in health services using technology. Registration deadline: May 7th
June 4 Kurs: Skriv så folk forstår deg! Skrivekurs for forskere som ønsker å nå ut med sitt budskap utenfor universitetet.  Kurset passer for deg som vil skrive treffsikre kronikker, blogger, leserinnlegg og andre tekster for et vanlig publikum. Påmeldingsfrist: 13.mai 

Current funding announcements:
RCN, National Research Schools, Centre of Excellence and relevant seminars and conferences. Read more here (PDF)

See the full calendar here. 
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