IGS News November 2016
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Guri Rørtveit
Dear all,
The first HMS (health, environment, safety) meeting at IGS was launched this month with a good turn-out. Issues discussed ranged from insurance on field work, travels to areas of turmoil, security when working late in our offices, as well as heavy workload. The administration will follow up on these issues in the time to come.
Bergens forskningsstiftelse (BFS) was invited to meet with a group of our IGS researchers recently, as a starting point for mutual information. The meeting was succesful, and further contact will be followed up by deputy head Trond and me. It seems that BFS will have more interest in our research fields in the time to come, and we will make sure they are kept informed.
Lastly, the annual Christmas party was held last week with top entertainment (Trond and Siri in a duet we will hear from again, I am sure), quiz, favorite DJ Kjell Rune and lots of glamorous people. Thanks to the party committee!

Guri Rørtveit
Head of Department
All government institutions and agencies are beginning processes to ensure increased efficiency. Read more about UiB's activity in this area: #ORG2022 
UiB's new digital strategy

Check out the latest travel advisory information. (Norwegian only, and may take a day or two to update)


Young cancer survivors have twice the risk of suicide

Survivors of cancer diagnosed before the age of 25 had a more than two-fold increased risk of suicide compared to their non-cancer peers. Read more in this article from the UiB news

Health anxiety increases risk of heart attack


A study from the University of Bergen shows that hypochondriacs have 70 per cent higher risk of heart disease. Read more.
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Meeting Sickness With Dignity

This book by Oscar Tranvåg describes how we can protect the dignity of those who are sick. (Read more in an article from UiB News - in Norwegian).

New National, Norwegian Research School in Global Health

Chairman Thorkild Tylleskär explains that the Research School will facilitate networking activity between Ph.D.-candidates. Read more.

Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research

The Forum began 10 years ago, 16 November 2006. Members attended Meetings and a seminar in Tromsø 3-4 November, 2016. Read more.

New paper series on global challenges

The new Global Challenges working paper series is a joint initiative by UiB Global and the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty.
The peer reviewed open access series aims  to publish early research findings related to global challenges, such as poverty, inequality, sustainability and other relevant cross-disciplinary issues.It is edited by Dr Andy Sumner of King's College, London, and is made available through the Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA) at the University of Bergen.
The first paper in the series, entitled "Global Inequality and Global Poverty Since the Cold War: How robust is the optimistic narrative?" is written by Andy Sumner and Peter Edward of the Newcastle University Business School. The paper is relevant for academics, students of development studies, policy makers in international agencies.

Berit Rokne will be the Principal at the new Vestlandet University College

Congratulations to professor Berit Rokne, who will be the Principal at the new Vestlandet University College.
Read more (in Norwegian)

Filiz Ipek Lunde

Upcoming disputations:

December 2 Frida Ngalesoni – Thesis: “Economics of non-communicable diseases prevention. Cost-effectiveness and equity impact of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania

New Doctors:

November 15 Jens-Tore Granslo – Thesis: “Respiratory health in the aftermath of an oil tank explosion

November 18 Rolf Horne – Thesis: "”Like barn leikar best”. Ein praxeologisk studie om habilitering av hjelpetrengande barn og unge"

November 22 Mbazingwa Senkoro – Thesis: “Burden of pulmonary tuberculosis and its major determinants: A national prevalence survey in Tanzania

November 23 Janice Andersen – Thesis: “A patient-oriented perspective on porphyria. Psychosocial and health-related challenges of acute intermittent porphyria and porphyria cutanea tarda

November 28 Helene Bustad Johannesen – Thesis: “Characterization of Hydroxymethylbilane Synthase and Pharmacological Chaperone Treatment for Acute Intermittent Porphyria

Congratulations from IGS!

Filiz Ipek Lunde

Staff and Personnel News

IGS welcomes Gia Tran in a 20 % position as assistant professor in Social pharmacy and Ane Straume (picture), in a 50% position in the CISMAC administration.


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Funding info from MOFA: "Fond og legater" (in Norwegian)


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