IGS News October 2015
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Esperanza Diaz

What are the health effects of migration?

Esperanza Diaz, Associate Professor in the Research Group for General Practice, was the principal investigator of a research team that evaluated the impact of factors such as length of stay, immigrant group and other sociodemographic variables on immigrant health. Their findings showed among other things that “for all groups, multimorbidity doubled after 5 years of living in Norway”. 
Read more here. 
Cancer - Illustration Photo: Colourbox

CANCER – individual studies to a global overview

Cancer is a growing global burden.  Over the past few months, researchers from different research groups at IGS have been involved in a number of studies including a global review, long-term impacts, lifetime smoking, new research approaches, and therapy vs. risk. Read more here. 

IGS researchers involved were: Stein Emil Vollset, Karin Nordin, Anders Engeland, Salwa Suliman, and Lisa deRoo

New course and study: Dealing with hip osteoarthritis

The incidence of hip osteoarthritis (OA) is rising in western countries due to an ageing population and the epidemic of obesity. A combination of exercise therapy, weight loss and education is recommended as the first treatment option. Still, it is not always tried out before hip joint replacement surgery is offered. We need to know more about effects of different exercise therapy on hip OA, and Professor Liv Inger Strand from the Physiotherapy Research Group and colleagues are now starting a randomized controlled trial following a Hip School for patients with hip OA. The aim of the trial is to study the supplementary effect of Basic Body Awareness Therapy in group settings over time. Read more here.
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Esperanza Diaz

IGS partner in new national research school

The research school for health and care in the municipal health services will be coordinated by the University of Oslo, and IGS will be represented by Berit Rokne and Eva Gjengedal. The research school will bring together PhD students and supervisors from all over Norway. - This is incredibly gratifying for the health sciences and inter-institutional cooperation in terms of PhD supervision. Not to mention a boost for research in the municipal health services that hopefully will be benefitting patients, says Berit Rokne. Read more here. 

Symposium: Neurodevelopment and mental health of children

In early October the Research Group for Global Mental Health at CIH attended the 15th Congress of the International Federation for Psychiatric Epidemiology and hosted one of the symposia. Their symposium was on neurodevelopment and mental health of children, looking into challenges and opportunities for neuropsychiatric testing research in low-income settings. Research group leader Ingunn M. Engebretsen chaired the event. Read more and see the presentations here.

Information regarding purchases 

All research groups, thematic groups and centres have now been assigned to a few persons in the administration that you should contact when you want to make a purchase. An overview of who your should contact can be found here (PDF).

In addition to this, you can also contact the reception in Kalfarveien for help with ordering office supplies, books, flowers, food/coffee etc for meetings. The reception is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30 to 13:30. Orders (from the reception) are sent collectively on Fridays.

Staff and personnel news

Last chance to register your holiday! 

We remind UiB employees to register all earned holiday for the whole year in Pagaweb.
See guidelines on how to register your holiday in Pagaweb: 
in Norwegian here and in English here.
Everyone has to have their holiday account at zero by November 15th.

 New doctors

Oct 2 Bodil Bø Våga, thesis: “Scrutinizing care in nursing practice. An ethnographic study of nurse-mother interaction in programmes to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child in Tanzania”
Oct 5 Arne Michael Taxt, thesis: “Characterisation of toxic, antigenic and cross-reactive determinants of the heat-stable toxin of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Towards rational design of a toxoid vaccine”
Oct 9 Eli Natvik, thesis: “Carrying the weight of uncertainty: Patients’ long-term experiences after bariatric surgery
Oct 16 Razia Kaniz Fatima (picture), thesis: “Assessing the burden of missing tuberculosis cases in Pakistan

Congratulations from IGS!

Upcoming disputations

Nov 2 Håkon Hofstad (picture), thesis: “Early Supported Discharge after stroke in Bergen. Effects on functional outcome and outcome predictors studied in a threearmed randomised controlled trial comparing rehabilitation in a day unit and in the patients` homes with treatment as usual”
Nov 6 George M. Ruhago, thesis: Economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of interventions for maternal and child health in Tanzania: Evidence for fair and efficient priority setting
Nov 12 Tina Taule, thesis:  Stroke rehabilitation in the context of early supported discharge. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of daily life after mild-to-moderate stroke
Nov 24 Amani Thomas Mori, thesis: Pharmacoeconomics and formulary decisionmaking in Tanzania: Generating evidence for antimalarial drugs


Nov 4 19:00 Filosofisk poliklinikk: «Konfrontasjon eller dialog i helse- og rettsvesen». Advokat Trond Lexau og lege Edvin Schei drøfter nytten av lytting, megling og modning når meninger står mot hverandre. Litteraturhuset
Nov 5 18:00 Seminar: Klima og helse: Plikt eller svikt: Hva er helsepersonells rolle i klimasaken?, med Helge Drange, Sondre Båtstrand, John Gunnar Mæland, Espen Gamlund og Jakob Grandin, Aud 130, Bjørn Chr. Hus, Psykologisk Fakultet, UiB Seminaret er åpent og gratis.
Nov 9-10 Konferanse: Arbeidsmiljø på Vestlandet 2015 (ARV-konferansen), Bergen
Nov 10 UiB’s First Annual Learning Conference - Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education More info and registration here. Seminar is open and free.
Nov 27 Håndtering av vold og trusler – innføringskurs for ledere, påmeldingsfrist innen 20. november
Dec 4 Seminar: Ethical Development Practice: Achieving Genuine Partnerships – A seminar in honour of Professor Emerita Gro Th. Lie, Aud A3, Dragefjellet More info and registration here.
Dec 4 19:00 Julebord IGS/FHI: Tema: Hattefest!  Påmelding og betaling gjøres direkte her. Påmeldingsfrist er fredag 13.november.

2016, Mar 10-11 ORPHEUS Conference: Lost in translation: from medical studies to clinical research, Cologne, Germany

See the full calendar here. 

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