IGS News September 2016
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Guri Rørtveit

Dear all,

IGS is getting steadily more involved in the process of establishing Health Campus Årstadvollen. The General Meeting at the end of August was well attended, and the important Points for our department were conveyed directly to the architects.  I was particularly glad to hear that many wanted to prioritize a good environment for our students - a fact that was also noted by our Dean.
I have been asked to lead the “User Group” for the first building phase, which I am sure will be a lot of work, but fun. It will also ensure that we have good insight into the coming process for our Department. aI will keep you informed the best I can.

Guri Rørtveit
Head of Department
Norwegian Research School of Global Health
The four largest Norwegian universities (UiO, UiB, UiT, NTNU) launched a national Norwegian Research School in Global Health 5 Sept. 2016, with funding from GlobVac.
Are you a PhD Candidate?
Do you have a research project in global health?

Members of the newly launched national research school in Global Health have access to: 
  • relevant PhD courses
  • our annual PhD Conference
  • grants to participate in courses and conferences, nationally and internationally
  • a network of researchers in Global Health
Visit our website to find out more about what we offer and how to become a member (it is is free of charge!):
Thorkild Tylleskar, Chairperson of the Board of the Norwegian Research School in Global Health, writes that the office is in Trondheim (Leader is Prof Elisabeth Darj and coordinator is Elin Y Dvergsdal: He explains that PhD candidates registered at UiB with a focus on Global Health are entitled to become members and receive support from the school. There are travel grants for courses, etc. One of the dedicated events is an Annual 2-day PhD conference in conjunction with the GlobVac meeting in Trondheim in March next year (GlobVac meeting 14-15 March and Annual PhD Conference 16-17 March). 

Did you know that IGS hosts a National Infrastructure?

Health Registries for Research Project (HRR) is a RCN infrastructure that aims to make Norway’s unique national registry resources more accessible. The project is led by Professor Stein Emil Vollset. Anja Ariansen is the project’s administrative leader. Read more.

Snoring and sleepliness linked to traffic pollution


As @UiB tweeted last week, epidemiologist Ane Johannessen found that people who live close to busy roads found are most likely to snore. Johannessen has been involved in a recently published study of 12 000 people showing that air pollution resulting from traffic, can increase both snoring and daytime sleepiness in both men and women. Read more.

Father’s Preconception Activity also Important

The smoking and welding in adolescent males can increase the risk for asthma in the children they may have later in life. This research by Cecilie Svanes suggests that perhaps adolescent boys should also be targeted in public health prevention programmes. Read more.
Sale of Kalfarveien 31 in Bergen
Here is the latest information we know (from UiB's "Eindomsavdelingen"):
Entra has sold the property Kalfarveien 31 in Bergen. The property is a 8,440 sqm wooden building built in 1857. The transaction is based on a property value of NOK 85 million and Entra's value gain is approximately 18 % compared to book values as of 31.03.16. The transaction is structured as a sale of shares in the company Kalfarveien 31 AS and the buyer is Daimyo Eiendom AS. Closing is expected to take place at 30.09.16 .
The transaction is in accordance with Entra's strategy to focus the portfolio on large, flexible office buildings close to public transportation hubs and thus to divest smaller, non-core assets.
For further queries please contact: Anders Olstad, CFO Entra ASA, tel: +47 900 22 559, email:
(Picture credit: Anne S. Herdlevær)

BOA - for externally funded research


UiB initiated an effort to develop more systematic support for externally funded research projects. The initiative is called “BOA” (bidrags- og oppdragsfinansiert aktivitet).


BOA is led by Beatriz Balino. The BOA team has now published a website with support information for externally funded research projects. The website covers the processes in a life cycle of an externally funded research project: mobilisation, proposal preparation, contract, project launching, management and termination. For each process, the site describes all activities associated with it and allocates roles, tasks, supervision, resources and contact persons.


Read about the new BOA project support website in Norwegian and English.

Interview with Beatriz Balino

copyrigt DCP3 - World Bank

SEFAS is organising a national conference on health in elderly women

The conference will be held 24-25 October and will include many interesting lectures and discussions. Learn more (in Norwegian)
Other newsworthy items:
  • There is a seminar programme this autumn with a series of lectures on "Immigration, medicine, morality"? (in Norwegian) Learn more.
  • There are new UiB templates for PowerPoint etc. Learn more.
  • Expert advice and tips from previously successful EU applicants. Learn more.
  • UiB has returned to also posting job openings internally (primarily administrative/technical). Learn more.
Filiz Ipek Lunde

Staff and personnel news

We have the pleasure of announcing five new Research Fellows this month!
IGS had four candidates this semester who were offered Research Fellow- positions funded by the Faculty. Two of them started in September; Anja Myhre Hjelle and Gunhild Felde.
Silje Foldøy Furu (pictured right) is a new Research Fellow who is working on the project "Barns bruk av fastlege og legevakt" (children’s use of regular general practitioners and casualty clinics).
Stein Erik Fæø
CIH has two new Research Fellows in Susanna Höök  and Olive Namugga . Höök is working on a project taking place in Uganda and Mozambique, and Namugga is working on a project taking place in Uganda.
Additionally, we have a new researcher in Gry Klouman Bekken (pictured left). She will be working on the project “TB Trials” and will have her work place at the Department of Clinical Science.

A warm welcome to you all! 
Filiz Ipek Lunde

New doctors

September 5 Mesay Hailu Dangisso – Thesis: Tuberculosis control in Sidama in Ethiopia. Programme performance and spatial epidemiology
September 16 Seifu Hagos – Thesis: Spatial variations in child undernutrition in Ethiopia: Implications for intervention strategies
September 16 Sheila Monde Mwangala – Thesis: Quality of HIV testing services in Zambia in the era of rapid task-shifting: a mixed method investigation on test accuracy and experiences of providers
September 23 Richard Banda – Thesis: Measuring maternal mortality in a context of deficient vital registration systems: Use of population census in Zambia
September 30 Sverre Rørtveit – Thesis: Akuttmedisin i ein distriktskommune

Congratulations from IGS! 

IGS in the media

Bok, mobil eller Ipad i senga? Dette gjør det med søvnen din
Dagbladet (papir og for abonnement på nett) (Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn)
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Nordhordland pregar unik bok om legevakta
Strilen (kun papir) (Professor Steinar Hunskår)
Snorking kan skyldes høy forurensning
Aftenposten (Forsker Ane Johannessen)
Når pappa ikke er pappa
Dagbladet, Magasinet 3. sept (kun papir) (Professor Kari Klungsøyr)
Rengjøringsspray kan gjøre skade på lungene dine
TV2 - Helsekontrollen (Professor Cecilie Svanes)
Increasing maternal BMI linked to higher risk of cerebral palsy
2 minute medicine (Stipendiat Ingeborg Forthun)
– Ikke sov ut i helgene
NRK (Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn)
Åpen debatt - også på tvers av landegrenser
Dagens Medisin (Professor Ole F. Norheim)
Tidsskriftet, Den norske legeforening (Førsteamanuensis Esperanza Diaz)
Det aller viktigste framskrittet av alle
Bistandsaktuelt (Professor Bernt Lindtjørn og Professor/Leder av CISMAC Halvor Sommerfelt)
Ny norsk forskning om unge som overlever kreft: Sliter i voksenlivet
VG (Ph.d-kandidat Maria Winther Gunnes)
Kreftsyke Astrid måtte slite økonomisk
BT (Ph.d-kandidat Maria Winther Gunnes)
Young cancer survivors in economic struggle
ScienceDaily ((Ph.d-kandidat Maria Winther Gunnes))
Å transplantere relasjoner
Dagens medisin (Professor Edvin Schei)
Ser fram til å flytte til helseklynga
På Høyden (Inst.leder Guri Rørtveit)
Røykende fedre øker astmarisiko for barn
NRK P1 Dagsnytt (Professor Cecilie Svanes)
Fedre som røyker øker astmarisiko for fremtidige barn (Professor Cecilie Svanes)
Studier: Passiv røyking et stort problem
ABC Nyheter og Avisa Hordaland (Professor Cecilie Svanes)
Babies with cleft lip likely to have normal adulthood: Study
Health US News (Stipendiat Erik Berg)

Global helsedag 2016:

Apokalypse nå? Antibiotikaresistens og migrasjon

Tid: 20.oktober kl. 8:30-16:00
Sted: Kunnskapssenteret, KA12, St. Olavs Hospital/NTNU
Program (pdf)
Lenke til påmelding
Global helsedag arrangeres hver høst, med innslag fra både nasjonale og internasjonale innledere. Årets tema er antibiotikaresistens og migrasjon og helse, som begge har dominert nyhetsbildet særlig det siste året. Hva gjør vi når medisiner som gjennom en hel generasjon har reddet millioner av menneskeliv, ikke virker lenger? Og hvordan påvirker det å være på flukt, fysisk og psykisk helse?  
Det er mange store og vanskelige spørsmål knyttet til årets tema, og årets forelesere vil hjelpe oss å belyse flere av dem. Dette er noen av dem som besøker Global Helsedag 2016:
  • Steven P. Djordjevic - professor i infeksjonssykdommer, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Yngvild Wasteson - professor i mattrygghet og infeksjonsbiologi, Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet
  • Morten Rostrup - tidligere visepresident i Leger Uten Grenser, stiftet Leger Uten Grenser Norge i 1996.
  • Albrecht Jahn -  professor, University of Heidelberg, leder av forskningsgruppen "Global Health Policies and Systems"
  • Bernadette Kumar - direktør, Nasjonal kompetanseenhet for minoritetshelse (NAKMI)
Mer informasjon om arrangementet finner du på våre nettsider:
Call for applications: CUHK Inbound Research Mobility Scheme for 2016-17
Dear Partners,
Greetings from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).
We are pleased to inform you that application for the Inbound Research Mobility Scheme for 2016-17 to promote the development of academic and research partnerships between our two institutions is now open (second round). You are cordially invited to disseminate this email within your institution and encourage your faculty members to make use of this opportunity to pursue international exchange.
Inbound Research Mobility Scheme 

Your academics can undertake research visits at CUHK under the support of this scheme.
Who: Academic staff members holding full-time employment from all disciplines in your university are welcome to apply.  
When: The period of visit to CUHK is from 1 January to 31 July 2017.
Support: Hotel/on-campus accommodation will be provided for up to 13 nights.
Application: The programme guidelines and application forms are available here. The application deadline is 15 November 2016, Tuesday.
CUHK looks forward to receiving your faculty members with a view to strengthening our existing links and collaboration. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Olivia Kwok at

EADI NORDIC Conference 2017
Globalisation at the Crossroads – Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries
Call for Panels and Ad-hoc Working Groups
The organisers cordially invite expressions of interest from interested institutions, researchers, NGO- and academic networks and study/research consortia and EADI working groups to organize a panel. Each panel should include at least one researcher/speaker from the Global South. Panel organizers are encouraged to focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the conference. Multi-institutional, interactive panels will be encouraged. Deadline for panels is 17 October 2016.
Call for Papers
Researchers on development issues are invited to present papers for the EADI NORDIC 2017 Conference under the Working Group sessions or the Ad hoc Panels. Papers should be related to the topics of the working group sessions / Ad hoc panels of the conference. Please consult the session descriptions and use the online submission tool to submit your abstract by 16 January 2017. We welcome submissions in English and French.
Please see the conference website for further information on the submission of paper abstracts or an expression of interest for panels.
The conference is a joint partnership between EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes), NFU (Norwegian Association of Development Research) and the University of Bergen (UIB).



1.10.16 19:00 Last day of “Forskningsdagene” Nasjonal finale i Forsker grand prix 2016 i Bergen Peer Gynt salen
2.10.16 11:00-14:30 Sopptur i Arboretet
4.10.16 9:00 Seminar for ph.d.-veiledere ved MOF
5.10.16 10:00-14:00 Mental health and child and adolescent health programs in Cambodia and South-East-Asia
6.10.16 10:00-14:00 Karrieredag MOF
10.10.16 19:00 Bergen offentlige bibliotek, Noterommet Ny teknologi - til glede og bekymring?
11.10.16 S.Net Pre-Conference Event: Ethical and Social Aspects of Cancer Research
11.10.16 19:00 Fana Kulturhus Nesttun Høstmøte i Arboretets venner
13.10.16 Motivasjon for læring i høyere utdanning
18.10.16 Forskning i Front
20.10.16 18:00 Christie Café Vin & Viten: Sølvskatten
23.10.16 Nytteveksthagen i Botanisk hage, Litle Milde 6 Epledagen
26.10.16 CROP Conference On the Move - Global Migrations, Challenges and Responses
31.10.16 18:00 Historisk Museum Halloween
See the full calendar here. 
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