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Released feature - Integrations 

Server-Side Webhooks
We have decided to wipe some dust of Server-Side Webhooks (previously known as Third-Party-Tracking). We are tackling some more or less known bugs and limitations as well as extending functionality and usability. So, what can you expect?
  • As promised, we recently rolled out some changes to Server-Side Webhooks.

  • FEATURE Conversion updates are now published in near real-time.

  • FEATURE Until now, neither platform users or partners could not see Webhook execution Logs in their UI. To shorten the troubleshooting time, we have introduced such a UI for you and your partners.

  • Webhooks are much more reliable. They will also preserve the order of conversion changes, follow redirects (301) and attempt to retry if the target server is not available.

  • FIXED Changes to Conversion Target or Tracking Category were not published properly. We fixed that for you.

  • FIXED Conversions created or updated via Finance-API or UI import were not pushed through Webhooks. From now on all of these are supported.

  • CHANGED 3rd-Party-Tracking is now named Webhooks.

  • CHANGED The parameters Basket, Protocol and Winner-Channel are no longer supported by Server-to-Server Webhooks.

  • CHANGED The “Integrations” product has arrived in the UI. We have reorganized “External Reference Mappings” and “Banking” into it, because that's where they belong.

  • CHANGED The Webhook manager has been reorganized to clarify supported template parameters for browser-side and server-side.

New feature - Trail
Extensions for cookieless tracking with Click IDs

Ingenious Technologies offers cookieless and cross-device tracking solutions including click ID tracking and server-to-server event transmission for several years already. Based on the rising demand for cookieless tracking solutions, we comprehensively extended our click ID tracking.

The new extensions are live and allow you to do the following:

  • FEATURE Assigning a custom click ID to a Click.

  • FEATURE Sending multiple click IDs with a Conversion.

  • FEATURE Attribution with click IDs of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Awin, and other tools.

For more information take a look at the feature release note.

Upcoming feature - Insights
Beta): Insights Data Warehouse using Google BigQuery

Today we announce a new feature that will fundamentally enhance the way you work with your Ingenious data. Up to now, your options to access your Ingenious data are:

  • Exports in the User Interface

  • Exports using Non-UI access

  • Partner Webhooks

  • API Access

One of the most prominent requirements our customers have is to store the performance data (including impression and click traffic, but also conversions and commissions) in their Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence reporting. While Ingenious data is rich and contains many details, transferring the data was a bit painful in the past.

With Insights Data Warehouse, we not only want to make it easier for you to integrate your data, but also empower you to do more with your data than before. Using BigQuery as a data warehouse allows you to use different analysis tools and to query your data individually. For example you can use Google Data Studio to create complex reports according to your requirements. Other tools that can be used are Google Sheets, PowerBI, Tableau, and many more. Furthermore, it is possible to create data exports directly from BigQuery.

In the Beta phase, we will gradually add data types to the system, and learn from our customer’s feedback. In the first planned release, you can expect the following data:

  • Ad Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Untracked Requests (all requests we were not able to properly process)


  • Conversions, including attributed winners and additional data


  • Advertisers
  • Partner
  • Vouchers
  • As always, we develop our products in close communication and with feedback of our customers. If you have interest to join the closed Beta, please contact your account manager. This feature will be available to you within the next few weeks. We will inform you with another note when the Beta starts.
  • Entities
  • Adspaces
  • Conversion-Targets & Tracking-Categories
Covid-19 und der E-Commerce: Wir schauen gemeinsam mit Connexity Inc. auf aktuelle Trends und was insbesondere Online-Shops jetzt tun können.

Keep an eye open for the update, we will inform you!

As always, if you have any questions, simply write us and we will gladly answer them.
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