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Today, let's focus on processing loss with Jesus.  

Find a quiet space. Sit up tall, and close your eyes. Set a timer for one to two minutes per movement so that you can be fully present (or increase the time if you want a longer experience).  


First, pay attention to God. 

Take slow, deep breaths. Focus on the spot that you feel the breath in your body. 
  • As you breathe in, think, "He will wipe away..." 
  • As you breathe out, think, "... every tear" (Revelation 21:4).


Second, ponder your inner world.

Process the following with Jesus:
  • What losses do I need to process today? 
  • How have I responded to these losses?
    (Depression, disappointment, avoidance, anger, numbing, etc.)


Third, prepare to love others.

Ask Jesus to help you answer the following:
  • How have I felt most loved by others when I experienced loss?
  • Do I know someone who's grieving that needs my love?  

A closing prayer:

Father, you are good, and life is painful. 

Every good gift you give is a potential loss. And as the losses pile up, we're tempted to self-protection — to close off our hearts to avoid the pain of loss. 

Yet you taught us, Jesus, that love requires sacrifice. Let us never forget that your open-hearted love opened your arms to welcome us at the cross.

Teach us to love like you!

Deepen our trust to accept unacceptable pain, and stretch our capacity to hold both the joy and sorrow of life. 


Peace be with you until next week,
Rusty McKie 

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If you're wondering, this is why I lead you to focus on your breath

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