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Today, let's focus on the season of Lent.  

Find a quiet space. Sit up tall, and close your eyes. Set a timer for one to two minutes per movement so that you can be fully present (or increase the time if you want a longer experience).  


First, pay attention to God. 

Take slow, deep breaths. Focus on the spot that you feel the breath in your body. 
  • As you breathe in, think, "I am dust..." 
  • As you breathe out, think, "... to dust I will return" (Genesis 3:19).


Second, ponder your inner world.

Process the following with Jesus:
  • Where am I pushing beyond my limits?
  • What would embracing my limits look like this Lent?


Third, prepare to love others.

Ask Jesus to help you answer the following:
  • In my limits, who do I need to ask for help, allowing them to use their skills and abilities?
  • Recognizing my limits, who can I commit to pray for this week, asking my limitless God to help?

A closing prayer:

Father, you have no beginning or end. You are eternally and fully present to each of your children with fatherly love. 

Yet, in my attempts to do and be more, I transgress my limits. I untether myself from the present moment. Past memories or future dreams disconnect me from you, others, and myself.

Jesus, ground me in my humanity. Son of heaven, you became like me so that I might become like you. And in becoming like you, I re-learn what it means to be human  to be fully present to my Father and others in love.  



Peace be with you until next week,
Rusty McKie 

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If you're wondering, this is why I lead you to focus on your breath

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