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Today, let's focus on what we long for Jesus to make new.

Find a quiet space. Sit up tall, and close your eyes. Set a timer for one to two minutes per movement so that you can be fully present (or increase the time if you want a longer experience).  


First, pay attention to God. 

Take slow, deep breaths. Focus on the spot that you feel the breath in your body. 
  • As you breathe in, think, "Jesus will make..." 
  • As you breathe out, think, "... all things new" (Revelation 21:5).


Second, ponder your inner world.

Process the following with Jesus:
  • What are the broken things in my life that I long to be made whole? 
  • What emotions do I feel around those parts of my life? (Hold these before the Lord and cast them on Jesus)


Third, prepare to love others.

Ask Jesus to help you answer the following:
  • What actions do you want me to take to bring wholeness to this brokenness?
  • What do you want me to surrender and let go?

A closing prayer:

Broken-things fill my world and divide my soul. They shatter my peace, hope, and love. 

The world needs a makeover 
 beautiful and fresh. 

Lord, renovate my interior spaces to be more hospitable to you and the fractured parts of myself. Bring me back together that I might be an ambassador of a better way
a way of wholeness, of hope, and broken-things made new. 



Peace be with you until next week,
Rusty McKie 

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If you're wondering, this is why I lead you to focus on your breath

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