21 Steps to a Healthier lifestyle.

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Your body is made up of 45-60% water if you are female and 50-65% water if you are male. Calculate how much your optimum level of water intake is. Calculation 0.035 x your weight in kgs. This will give you the amount of water in litres to drink per day.

1.  Drink your optimum amount of water per day.
2.  Eat protein with every meal.
3.  Eat 2 healthy snacks each day.
4.  Start to exercise, even if just for 5-10 minutes a day.
5.  Talk in positive ways about what you want (not what you don't want!)
6.  Chew your food well, as digestion begins in the mouth.
7.  Eat when you are in a relaxed state, not on the go.
8.  Prepare meals in advance for the busy week ahead.
9.  When you have a good day reward yourself with something other than food.
10. When you have a stressful day go for a run or a bike ride to shake off
       that negative energy.
11. Get to bed a little earlier, and have the amount of rest you need.
12. Check your portion control, and avoid going back for a second helping.
13. Make sure you have a mix of colourful vegetables taking up half
      your plate.
14. Protein should take up a quarter of your plate, e.g. Fish, meat, tofu. 
15. Carbohydrate, if you have it, should be only a quarter of your plate.
16. Get support when making changes, and make yourself accountable.
17. Keep a small note book with you to log what you eat and drink each day.
18. Only eat until you are 80% full. Leave room for the last few mouthfuls to
19. Make sure your fibre intake is a minimum of 24g a day.
20. Compliment people when you have the opportunity, it not only makes them
       feel better, it will make you feel better too!
21.  Many small changes make a big difference, so put as many of these
       simple steps in to action as you possibly can.

The average adult consumption of fibre is typically around 17g per day in Europe, and yet governments recommend a daily intake of 24g - 30g.
•High in Fibre: 5g per serving
•Low calorie: Only 15 kcal per serving
•Contains fibre from 6 sources: Apple, oat, maize, citrus, chicory and soya 
•Low in sugar

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