End of year is nearly here, time to make some serious decisions before the New year kicks in.
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How about ringing the changes?

Now that we are looking December in the eyes, already, I thought about resolutions, and how many seam to save them for the new year.

Does that work for you? I mean honestly, does it? Do you stick with it for months and months? If not then maybe it's time to ring the changes and make an 'old year' resolution!

What is it that you could change, add in,stop doing etc. that you could practice all through from now till end of year? Have a think.

Once you have decided what it could be then wouldn't it be great to have the rehearsal of it starting now, so that it's become more or less a habit by the time it says 2016 on the calendar? 

Is your goal simply to get healthier and improve your general well-being?

You don't have time for breakfast.

The choices you have aren't good.

Finding a quick healthy option is a challenge.

You eat a piece of toast but then you're hungry again in an hour or so.

You always have a good breakfast but lunch is the challenge.

You have a cigarette instead of food. 

Do you intend to improve your fitness levels by doing some classes, swimming, jogging?

Make sure you fuel yourself correctly, as you will burn more calories that way and do a better workout. H24 Sport could be used here.

During your workout, if you can, keep hydrated. You might use an isotoinc drink, or a hypotonic drink to do this most efficiently. Both our Hydrate and CR7 Drive are hypotonic drink solutions.

Once you have completed your workout remember you have a 20-30 minute metabolic window to repair those muscles. 
Getting good quality protein like our Formula One, inside you within this time is key to making the most out of
 your workout .
As a festive treat, from now until year end, you will receive gifts for the number of points you collect. All of our products carry points. 
90 points will be one gift; 130 points will be 2 gifts and 180 will be 3 gifts.

Examples: Standard Programme of 2 x Formula One; Formula Two; Fibre and herb; 50g beverage and Protein bars is 94.55 points
SKIN Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Night cream , Eye gel, Berry scrub and Mint clay mask is 142.0 points.
Add in a couple of Formula Ones to the SKIN programme and you've reached over 180 points.
Remember there are trial packs for both the inner and the outer nutrition ranges.
The SKIN trial pack makes a lovely gift and contains 5 products, with proven results after 7 days of using them consistently. 
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