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Hi, <<First Name>>! Happy (almost) Sunday!

How is your weekend treating you? Early this afternoon, I remembered it was time to do this week’s newsletter! Shouldn’t be a problem—I still have a good amount of the day left to work. Let’s do this! First, I made a list of all the things that had to be done today (not much; upload a couple reviews and send this newsletter). Then, I listed all the things I want to get done if I have time. Altogether, there were five things there, two of which were “publish most recent blog post” and “proofread some reviews”.

Well, the most important, obviously, would be the newsletter. But I wanted to include a link to the blog post in it, which necessitates publishing the blog post. No problem; it was already written and just needed one or two adjustments and a picture. Done in ten minutes. Next: Get started on listing the reviews for the week. Wait, today’s review hasn’t been posted. I can’t send the newsletter and miss today’s review, so I’ll have to publish that first. Oh, but it hasn’t been edited yet. Well, it’s only 1 pm, so I probably have plenty of time to go ahead and edit all fifteen reviews that have been waiting all week….

I won’t bore you with the rest of the process. Suffice to say, whatever law it is that says that multiple steps are needed to complete one (originally simple) job was in full effect this afternoon! The great thing about today was that I 1) did get my daily walk in! and 2) got to spend several hours this afternoon with Dad and most of my siblings picking up walnuts! (On the latter point—I took a good number of pictures, so I’m hoping they’ll turn out. If they do, a blog post about the afternoon is forthcoming.)

All in all, it’s been a great day, even though it’s late in the evening now when I’m putting this together.

Seeking Mother by Kimberley Rae

Seeking Mother by Kimberley Rae

This is a difficult subject, but Kimberley Rae seems to be handling it fairly well. I’d like to read this series!

After helping rescue a girl from an orphanage, Jasmina turns her focus toward finding and rescuing her mother from slavery.

Tarnished Silver by Chautona Havig

Tarnished Silver by Chautona Havig

I’ve been looking forward to getting a chance to read this for a long time! Apparently, it’s quite fascinating!

When her cleaner discovers a long-hidden secret, Audrey’s life is in danger of being turned upside-down.

Bedtime Stories series by Thornton W. Burgess

Bedtime Stories series by Thornton W. Burgess

The hard thing about a website like this? If Mom reads and reviews a book, then it doesn’t really add to the total books reviewed if I read it! I’m trying to learn to balance my reading of books we haven’t reviewed with ones that Mom has—but sometimes it’s really hard, especially if she’s found a gem! However, I have listened most of the books reviewed in this series and they are very good. My brothers love them.

A series of books for young children about the various animals who live in the Green Forest and the Green Meadows, and their interactions.

Captive Treasure by Milly Howard

Captive Treasure by Milly Howard

Does anyone around your place play “Indians”? Or is that something unique to my brothers’ and my childhood? Either way, this looks like an interesting book for children about Indians!

When Carrie Talbot is captured by the Indians, she uses her time with them to teach them about the Bible.

Miriam by Mesu Andrews

Miriam by Mesu Andrews

I hope I can read this one sometime—it sounds like a great historical fiction that’s strongly based in the facts recorded in the Bible.

Miriam struggles with sharing God’s presence with other people when Moses appears after a long absence to free his people from Egypt.

Saving My Assassin by Virginia Prodan

Saving My Assassin by Virginia Prodan

This one is very high in my “TBR” pile! It sounds like a worthwhile read; not only for the history, but for the story aspect.

A young woman growing up in Communist Romania searches for the truth, and finds it.

Beezus and Ramona by Beverley Cleary

Beezus and Ramona by Beverley Cleary

Can we label Ramona as the most annoying fictitious child in history? Despite that fact, this is an interesting story for pre-schoolers and early readers.

Beezus tries to take care of her little sister Ramona, who has her own ideas about things and wants her own way all the time.


Week 24: My Plans for the Coming Week

Quite a boring post, actually. Just lists what I accomplished last week, and what I planned to work on this week.

My Goals for This Week

Guy/Girl Relationships: An Aha! Moment

Now this post? It took some work! When I blurted out the main idea and my conclusions about it to Mom early last Wednesday morning, she asked if this was going to be my next blog post. “Um…no…well…it could be!” So here it is.

I Needed a Neighbour by Patricia St. John

I haven’t read anything this week. Which is particularly sad, because a) I need to read in order to review, and b) I love reading, and c) reading is good for you. Okay, I have read a couple pages in I Needed a Neighbor by Patricia St. John—my “print book of choice” as referenced in last week’s newsletter.

I started this book last year sometime, but after a few chapters I forgot about it because of other books that were more interesting than the section I was currently reading in. However, I’ve loved all of Patricia St. John’s books that I’ve read so far, and I suspect this is no different—so I’m hoping to make some real progress in it this next week!

Also, I haven’t listened to anything on my walks—I’ve found that to be an excellent time for prayer. I may listen to some stories again in the future, but this past week, it has worked out quite well to have some extra time with the Lord then.

The vote is still out on whether or not I will continue this weekly newsletter. Personally, I am quite enjoying doing a weekly recap, but any comments you may have as to whether this should be a more permanent feature or if I should return to just a once-a-month schedule would be greatly appreciated.

And as always, have a great Lord’s day! Thank Him for His infinite kindness today! See you next week, and until then—keep serving the Lord!

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