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My Journey in Ireland!

Thank you so much for following me on my journey in Ireland and for your partnership in the Gospel. 

I can hardly believe that I have been in Ireland for two years serving at Calvary Ballina Church with a team with Pioneers missionaries from Austrailia.  The last two years have been a great time of learning, stretching, pruning and growing. 

In these two years, the Lord has allowed me to: 

  • Enrol as a seminary Student with Crossland Seminary (as a requirement to worth with Calvary Mission)
  • Do one to one discipleship with Ruby
  • Serve in the community and learn the West of Ireland's rural culture
  • Introduce a children's curriculum and structure to the Children's ministry in the church, but more than that, I have invested in those children with my life.
  • Have Gospel conversations with folks in the community
  • Run two children's Bible clubs

I thank God for this amazing opportunity and time in Ballina, Co. Mayo.  After two years of working closely, we mutually decided that it was not a good fit for us and we will not be renewing the term. This is a good decision and the most common struggle that missionaries face o the field. This has been difficult because on paper we are the perfect fit, but in working out our methods of ministry we are very different. 

Please pray for me as I seek God's guidance in leading me to work elsewhere in Ireland. 

At the moment I am at my last week of Residentials and finishing up my second year of studies. 

I will be flying to Florida on Saturday and begin my Home Assignment. I will be staying in Ormond. 

The plan is to spend time with my sending church, my mission sending agencies, meet up with my supporters and begin to plan for what's next! 

Please be in prayer with me for this time!

I am still in need of transportation and I trust God to provide. Please pray to see if He would use you to help with that. 

Love in Christ!
Patti Parks : ) 

PS. I was asked this question today and I would love to ask you as well. 

What is it about the Gospel that excites you the most. Either today, recently or the course of your Christian life? 

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