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The Slow Slog of Ministry in Ireland

On Wednesday I was at a ladies fellowship where this word slog was used multiple times to define their ministry. (It's a commonly used word here in general) The winters are certainly a bleak and ministry slow. But as I listened I could identify with this word Slog!

As the women were sharing some prayer requests, I found myself thinking of the many job opportunities back in Florida. Not in the sense that I was wanting to go back to work in Florida, but in comparison to the lack of job opportunities here in Ireland. And giving thought to the stress that puts on people here. One woman, a highly trained nurse, was talking about how stressful her job was, so much so it was affecting her health. She shared honestly that she didn't  understand why God hasn't allowed her to be in the job she has been trained for.

She also thanked most of us for coming to Ireland. Being Irish herself and knowing how hard it is to minister here, she said, "I can't believe that we would come here". 

Yesterday a salesman knocked on my door and we had a small chat. He asked me why I was here and I was able to tell him I came to help with a small church and wanted to come to share with people about Jesus.  He said you have come to the most Unreligious, religious country in the world. It's true! He said, his girlfriend is atheist, she goes to mass every now and again and recently had their son christened. He, himself being an atheist, questioned why she would do that. She said it's just what we Irish do. 

 (Picture from Roscommon Network Meeting)
January was a really busy month:
I attended the Irish Preachers conference in Dublin
We had our Church Planting Network Conference in Roscommon
And I had a Seminary Weekend in Dublin

I was really grateful for all the connections and training that we had in January and it was great encouragement for getting through the Slog of ministry ;) 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! 

  • Please pray for my upcoming Summer Home Assignment. I will send more info in my next Newsletter so be looking for that.
  • Pray for Ruby and her continued growth in the Lord. She has been reading through the Bible with me now for a year! 
  • Pray for our Easter Children's Bible Club in March (28th &29th)

Our help is in the name of the Lord, 
who made the heaven and earth. 
Psalm 124:8

Love in Christ!
Patti Parks

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