Update for 2017
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Update from Ireland

Hello from Ireland!  Thank you all for being with me on this journey in Ireland. Spring is finally here although it did snow not too long ago!! 

It has been a blessing from God to experience my first summer, autumn, winter and now spring in Ireland! Each season felt very much the same, as the climate in Ireland is mild. The big difference is that the winter was dark and that took some getting use to.    Just last week the weather felt warm and the streets were filled with people I haven't seen since November! 

FIRST GUEST! I was blessed by my first guest! My best friend Toni came to visit and brought a care package from her church family in Tallahassee! It was very encouraging to have a friend here during the darkest time of the year. 

February was a very busy month with a weekend in Manchester for Seminary where I had to present a bible talk in a room full of men. I was very nervous but thankful for the training. The Seminary is called Crosslands.  

I also attended the annual planning meeting for the church planting network that I am a part of. Again I felt humbled and honored to be working with such men in Ireland. 

At the end of February, I was back in Dublin for our Tutor group for seminary. It's part of the mission of the seminary to make sure that we are not just being trained to handle God's word well, but also handle it well in our context. 

CHURCH LIFE: March was just as busy with our teammates returning from their 3 month home assignment. It was great to welcome them back. We have now combined our bible study as we are going through the Gospel of Mark. 

MISSIONS: This week we are receiving a team of bible college missionaries from Austrailia. After the team leaves we head off to a Pioneers conference in Hungary. 


  • Seminary for my studies and that God would call men from Ireland into the ministry
  • Pray that God's word would go forth clearly here in Ballina
  • Pray for those in the church to be further discipled
  • Pray for God to raise 20 local men to be trained to take responsibility for the church
  • Pray for the Australian missionaries
  • My support to come back up to 100%
When l left in June I was over 100% supported! That support has since dropped to under 70%. Please pray for more monthly supporters.  

Pictured below: Left -Cormac and Aine serving in Dublin. Right- Natalie, Susie and Rosalea on our way to a women's conference in March. 
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