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NORI Newsletter

December 2018

By Mark Simon, Director

Nutritional Oncology Research Institute


Can the Body Self-Heal from Cancer?


     I am quite certain that the content of this newsletter will stir up controversy and will hopefully provoke a new way of thinking about cancer. I have seen too many so called experts, healers and well meaning persons make statements such as “give the body everything it needs and it will heal” in relation to alternative cancer treatment. This concept may be true for certain illnesses, diseases and injuries but is it true for cancer? Is there an innate self-healing system or mechanism for cancer? Is cancer even a health or nutritional deficiency related condition? This newsletter will critically examine the idea that we can self-heal from cancer and that flooding the body with all the nutrients it needs will facilitate the process.


     Our body is designed to self-heal from all sorts of physical injuries, microbial infections, emotional trauma and most degenerative diseases can be reversed through diet and lifestyle interventions. The doctor is helpful in setting fractured bones, closing wounds, preventing infections and managing pain. Doctors have not been too effective at treating cancer using conventional methods such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The cure for cancer has been elusive since the war on cancer was declared in 1971 by President Richard Nixon and will likely remain so with the new “moonshot initiative” launched by Joe Biden. The bottom line is that the current drug model for healing cancer is too narrow in its approach. Healing from cancer requires a multi-targeted approach where all tumor growth stimulating factors are addressed while interfering with cancer cell survival and cell division. 


     The reality is that cancer is very new to human evolution and that we have not had time to adapt and develop systems to prevent and fight this condition. Cancer is a new threat to our wellbeing and survival. It is a byproduct of our modern, stressful, industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical and polluted way of life. Cancer is primarily caused by environmental factors that induce mitochondrial DNA damage in stem cells. This damage results in uncontrolled and disorganized cellular growth which is not unlike the process of wound healing. Cancer is truly the canary in the coal mine and rising cancer rates should be a major alarm bell signaling that something is very wrong.


     Cancer is not due to a failure of our immune system while recognizing that some cancers are virally induced. Cancer exists within, progresses and can kill the healthiest of us. Setting aside smoking and alcohol consumption as risk factors, cancer seems to affect some of the healthiest of us while sparing the least healthy.. Experts believe that it takes from 20 to 50 years for cancer to develop. This makes it difficult for researchers to identify specific triggers. Cancer promoting factors can be diet, stress, inflammation and obesity. One cancer trigger that appears to be significant and fits within our understanding is antibiotic use. Antibiotics are known to damage mitochondrial DNA. Chemicals in our food, skin care products, household cleaners, fire retardants, pesticides are all potential triggers for cancer. Even the quality of the air we breathe and water we drink can be a trigger. 


     Cancer is not present in all of us at all times. There is no scientific evidence for this. A normal immune system will not see or initiate an attack on cancer cells or tumors. The only way this can happen is to completely unleash the immune system with the use of checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs are called PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors which allow the immune system to attack cancer cells but normal cells are also open to attack so these drugs have serious limitations. Cancer cells, like normal cells, express proteins on their outer membrane that signal the immune system to keep away.


     My objective is to counteract the belief that supplements, juicing, coffee enemas and eating a “healthy” diet will reverse cancer. Fast growing and dividing cancer cells require lots of nutrients beyond glucose. Cancer cells require amino acids, folate and B12 to synthesize proteins, cancer cells need antioxidants to manage a high level of oxidative stress, cancer cells need iron and copper much more than normal cells. In other words, fast dividing and growing cancer cells have a voracious appetite for nutrients. The NORI protocol targets a key nutrient, methionine by restricting dietary intake. The NORI protocol limits supplements to only D3, iodine and zinc. In a sense, the NORI protocol is anti-nutritional from the viewpoint of the cancer cell.


     What diet alone can accomplish in cancer treatment is limited. This statement is a little different from the typical oncologist’s view which is that diet makes no difference at all. Cancer patients are told by doctors to eat anything they want. Eliminating all refined sugar, animal products and highly processed foods is definitely helpful. Achieving low blood glucose and insulin is important and may slow down tumor growth. Greatly increasing intake of fruits and vegetables has many advantages. NORI utilizes a methionine restricted diet in its nutritional support program. However, the benefit of a methionine restricted diet is limited until a method to completely deplete all methionine or block its availability is discovered that is safe and effective. For now, methionine restriction serves as a useful tool within a more comprehensive program.


     Healing from cancer requires the simultaneous application of nutrition, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, stress reduction and lifestyle modifications. It is both an inside and outside job. Our body can not do it alone. Agents must be incorporated that directly target and kill cancer cells. All tumor growth factors must be addressed to achieve a favorable balance between growth and inhibition. Hormonally driven cancers must be treated with appropriate pharmaceutical agents in many cases. This is especially important in ER+ breast cancers.


     The notion that the human body can self-heal from cancer is misguided due to a lack of a clear understanding of the true nature of cancer and the limits of our innate defense systems. Believing that we can self-heal from cancer is wishful thinking and at worst, delusional. It is true that psycho-emotional factors play a critical role in effective treatment of cancer. This is part of the inside job. From the outside, natural and synthetic agents are necessary to kill cancer cells before they take over our entire body. Diet, mind-body work, acupuncture, exercise, meditation and positive thinking are all useful tools but are never enough to overcome tumor progression.


There is unfortunately no internal system in our body to fight cancer once it has been initiated. Conventional treatments have limited value and one must adopt a comprehensive program that includes everything outside mainstream medicine that is scientifically supported. There is a lot of snake oil in the field of alternative cancer therapies and unscrupulous companies ready to take your hard earned money. Be very cautious and conduct objective research before investing your financial resources in ineffective or dangerous treatments. NORI is always available to help one navigate through the confusion, overload and sorting out al the contradictory information.

Happy and Healthy Holidays!

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