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Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2015!

Thanks for being part of our dream and helping us realise it. The last few months have been a huge learning curve and we have been gradually increasing our production of veggies and setting up great relationships with other farms and orchards to be able to bring you some of the best produce from us and our Local Community.
If you have either picked up some goodies from us or had some delivered, you'll know now the amazing flavour that our freshly picked vegetables have ... even during the slow going Winter months that we are going through right now.

This month's bounty:


This month, we have some new additions to our veggie selection. Purple Kohl Rabi is now available and is fantastic freshly grated into a salad; we also love it crumbed and fried like schnitzel ... Yum!
We also have Fennel, Sweet Chicory, Calendula flowers and Butternut Pumpkin.
Both Eggplant and Capsicum are back on the menu this month too. The local farmer near us where we get our tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini from now has eggplant and capsicum too. He grows them following bio-dynamic and organic principles but is not certified. They are greenhouse grown as it is too cold to grow them outdoors right now.



Unfortunately, there are no more Crimson Snow apples available. These amazing apples will be missed by lots of people. But we have not left you wanting ... you'll need to try the Red Crisp apple now. It is a very large, dark red apple which is related to the Red Delicious. It is juicier, firmer and much sweeter than its relative. The only drawback is that it is much larger.
During winter, there are very few fresh fruits available. We are getting our fruit primarily from Richmond and surrounds at the moment and we currently have the following available; Red Crisp apples, Granny Smith apples, Fuji apples, Corella Pears, Packham Pears, Naval Oranges and Imperial Mandarins.



Our chickens are now coming off moult. This means that they have had their Winter break of not laying eggs and are now starting to give us some golden, yolky goodness.
Also, our new pullets are starting to lay too! Their little eggs are perfect for the kids' breakfast  ... our little monkeys argue over who gets which egg!

Special Offer: If you want a free dozen pullet eggs, then simply order at least $40 worth of products and you'll get a dozen free. This offer is only available while the pullet eggs are available though .... so maybe around one month tops! 

We are shortly going to be launching our first CSA programme (Community Supported Agriculture programme). Our CSA will essentially be a contract between yourself and us to provide you with fresh produce weekly for a fixed price. This will be far cheaper than our order form by far!
Our CSA programme will run for 16 weeks, starting from early September until the week of Christmas. There are going to be three share options for our CSA:
  • Veggie only option: $30 per week ($480 total)
  • Veggie and eggs option: $36 per week ($576 total)
  • Veggie, eggs and fruit option: $50 per week ($800 total)
If you're interested, and want the info before it is published, then email us at to register. We are only going to have 20 shares available for our first season, so registrations will be processed in the order that we receive them via email.

We will be grafting the next generation of apple trees shortly. For those of you who have ordered a custom grown apple tree, you'll get a personalised email soon with photos of your little tree grafted and ready to grow near the end of August. 
If anyone still wants to order a custom grown apples trees, check out our Dwarf Apples page here. We have enough rootstock available to still be able to grow you either a Super Dwarf 2m tree (perfect for a large pot), a Dwarf 3-4m tree or a Medium 9m tree (yeah ... apple trees can get that big!)



We have been asked to run a grafting workshop by the Macarthur SeedSavers group and the Wollondilly Resiliency Network (WReN). It will be held on Saturday August 15th from 10am to 2pm, venue TBC. Cost will be $7 per rootstock and $3 per scion. All equipment will be made available. If you want to be involved, sign up to the Macarthur SeedSavers distribution list.


Hope to hear from you soon!

Locally yours,
Fiona Plsek

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