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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter for 2015!

All out fruit trees are now starting to come into flower. We mark the start of Spring as being the day that both the mulberries and almonds are in flower ... that happened on 
August 20th here which is right on queue! We've also been very busy rescuing baby goats that have been abandoned by their Mum's and also setting up new veggie beds for extra planting space. It's never a dull moment here, especially now that the chicks have started to hatch. Here is a rundown of what we've been up to since our last newsletter to you...

Our comings and goings:


Our neighbour has a few (hundred) head of goats. When the first time Mum's give birth, some don't realise that the babies need to follow them. In most cases, there are twins or triplets and sometimes the runt will get left behind. This year was particularly difficult as someone's dogs regularly escaped and attacked the goats, causing them to panic easily (this has been fixed now). We had to rescue eleven little kids. There is nothing sadder than the calls of babies looking for their Mum. Three subsequently had their Mum come looking for them, four we re-homed after teaching them to feed from a bottle and the last four we have raised. Unfortunately, one passed away after 2 weeks of refusing to feed from a bottle, it was heartbreaking.  :-(
But we still have three gorgeous little goats who are very curious and boisterous. This brings our goat family to a grand total of 12!
Three baby goat kids, bottle feeding.


Fruit at this time of the year is changing rapidly. We are shortly going to be saying goodbye to fresh citrus such as our mandarins, naval oranges and blood oranges. We will also be saying farewell to freshly harvested apples. The orchard that we regularly get our apples from has plenty of apples in storage and can provide us with apples for the next 2 months ... plus, they have harvested their Crimson Snow apples! So they are back on the menu.
With the season progressing rapidly, we will be updating our order form in the first week of October to have strawberries, black mulberries, white mulberries, apricots and the much coveted raspberries! 
There are a few stone fruit orchards near The Oaks that we will be visiting shortly, and they will have peaches, plums and cherries too! So the fruit selection will be sharply increasing as well. Bring it on!
Peach blossoms


We have started hatching our chicks! We will have several breeds available over the next few weeks, so keep checking out our Facebook page for info. Our baby chicks get given boiled pullet eggs for their first week of life. It may sound a little strange, but it's the best start for them. 
We also have quite a few young laying hens available for purchase, so if you want to increase your flock or even start a new one, come over and get some of these girls. They are $25 each and are in their first year of lay.
If you want to learn a little bit about having backyard chickens, here is a good article ...
Baby chicks eating boiled eggs

We have significantly increased our growing space for Spring and Summer seasons. Here is a sample of what we have planted out;
  • A few varieties of Tomatoes (Apollo, Beefsteak, Green Zebra, Grosse Lisse, Health Kick, Oxheart, Red cherry, Red grape, Roma, Rouge de Marmande, Snow white, Yellow Grape and Yellow Pear)
  • Three varieties of zucchini (Golden, Black Jack and Lebanese)
  • Climbing beans (Italian Flat Green, Tongue of Fire and Green Snake)
  • Cucumbers
  • Copious amounts of broccolini
  • Leeks
  • Corn
  • Potato (Sebago, Desiree and Nicola)
  • Gourds (Cucuzza, Long handled dipper, Birdhouse, Dinosaur and Spinning tops)
  • Pumpkin (Butternut, JAP, Australian Butter, QLD Blue, Jack-be-little and Atlantic Giant - just for fun)
  • 10 varieties of salad greens (Oak Leaf - Italian, green, bronze and red; Cos - green and red; Red veined sorrel; Mustard greens - green and red; Baby spinach; Iceberg; Salad Burnett; Endive; Radicchio; Butterhead lettuce)
All our other delicious veggies are starting to take off like little rockets with this perfect weather we've been having, so lets hope that all the seedlings are well established before the dry heat of Summer kicks in!
We have now grafted all apple trees for the season. For those of you who ordered custom grown apple trees for Christmas, they are potted up and starting to show shoot swelling which is a good indication of a successful graft.
We have also had the fortune of getting in contact with a fellow apple collector near Bowral. They have 121 varieties of apples, 26 varieties of pears, 18 plums, 10 cherries, 7 peaches and 45 other fruit types. So we are planning on a scion swap next season! Woot!



We are hosting a day out on our farm for morning tea and activities this school holidays.
All tickets are $20 each. Adults get to sit and indulge in morning tea and come along for a kids tour of the farm, whereas children will have a load of activities to do and will also participate in a treasure hunt. 
If you would like to make a booking, please head on over to Eventbrite at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Locally yours,
Fiona Plsek

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