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June 2016
The International Monorail Association is a Members Association of registered companies whose mission is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and establish performance standards for monorail for Public Mass Transport Infrastructure.

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President's Note

Dear Colleague(s),
The positive reactions generated by people that went over Mr. Pedersen’s book Trains of the Future-Now Arriving are worth noting. The book is educational and has energized many of its readers to dream of better ways of transportation to serve their communities. Going through the pages of the book, we see multiple examples of how monorails offer an efficient, fast to construct, small footprint, and safe solution for a world where surface transportation is choking our cities with gridlock.
It is surprising that our industry has not made more inroads in transportation systems, due to the misunderstanding of decision and policy makers and their advisors as to the true cost of implementing monorails, or by not taking into account the longevity of the train fleets when compared to other surface transportation systems, or by discounting the smooth, quiet operation of its non-polluting electric motors.  What should concern us as engineers, citizens, and taxpayers is the reality that funds are currently being devoted to the development of systems, costing as much or more than monorail systems, with a fraction of the performance or the benefits of monorails, as if facts don’t matter. Just as Mr. Pedersen’s book is educating the public, so should we. Now we have a very graphical tool at our disposal to show and inspire.
On a bright note, there are many signs that the perception of monorails is starting to change. Projects in China, Egypt, Panama, among many places, point to new horizons for our technology. Conceived in a myriad of contracting arrangements, private, public, or mixed entities, they serve the public and the communities. This is the time to share what we know with the wider world.
There is no better time than today to get involved and there is no better place than Monorailex 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The program being prepared includes presentations from operators, vehicle, system and civil designers and contractors, and code related workshops to develop comments on the ASCE 21 documents and performance specifications that can be used on new projects.
Looking forward to see you there, experiencing the camaraderie and knowledge among our members.
Like Mr. Pedersen says: Onwards and Upwards.

On behalf of the Executive Council,

Carlos Banchik, P.E.
International Monorail Association

Monorail Highlights

Note: The links below are to articles that appear relevant as monorail news. IMA doesn't guarantee accuracy of the articles nor do we endorse the integrity of the associated websites.
What Is The Hyperloop And Why Is It Important?
The Hyperloop has been in development for years now, and it just had its first successful test, building a track and magnetically levitated sled in less than six months. But what is the hyperloop, exactly, and why are some futurists so excited about it?

It is more or less an attempt on the part of several companies and interested engineers to make real a theoretical concept called the vactrain. Modern trains are increasingly using magnetic levitation, or maglev, technology.
Commission board to examine loan to extend
Las Vegas Monorail

Last year, Las Vegas Monorail Co. President and CEO Curtis Myles told members of the International Monorail Association that the planned extension would cost about $100 million, including a new station and two new trains. Reisman said the price could change when the project’s designs are completed.

Monorail News


Monorailex 2016

Conference/Specifications Workshop
Get Over the Top Performance with Monorail

Cologne, Germany, September 15-18, 2016
Thursday, 9/15
  - Welcome Cocktail Reception

Friday, 9/16
  - Member's Meeting
  - Presentations
  - Technical Visit to Skytrain and Kolner Verkehrsbetriebe
  - Gala Dinner at Rheinterrassen Koln

Saturday, 9/17
  - Presentations
  - Technical Sessions / Specifications Workshop
  - Guided Sight Seeing Tour with Dinner

Sunday, 9/18
  - Technical Session / Specification Workshop Wrap-up
  - End of Conference / Barbeque
  - Night Free

Monday, 9/19
  - Transfer to Berlin for InnoTrans


Monorail Marketplace

Derap AGDerap AG Swiss Engineering Solutions provides you the ideal solution in many areas.

Derap AG has specialized itself as a planning and engineering office on the following major activities:
  • Transportation systems, monorail systems and specialty railways
  • Mechanical systems
  • Robotic systems
  • System engineering, studies and consulting
  • Development of prototypes
Our strength is the realization of an idea, to a project specific and cost-effective solution. Engineers, draftsmen and apprentices form the team of the Derap AG. We constantly renew and optimize systems, to meet the high requirements and desires of customers. The employees are schooled constantly through target-orientated training. Thanks to outstanding cooperation with our suppliers and partners, major projects can be mastered.

Worth Considering

The Monorail Society
  • How many times people have inquired you about things they have read at
  • How many times have we referred people to look into the Monorail Society’s website
  • How many times have you sent information to Mr. Kim Pedersen, the Society President, related to projects you have worked on, or projects you have seen?
  • How many times have you been able to point with pride to colleagues, friends and family, projects you have been involved displayed at the website?
If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this might be a good time to support the labor of the Society by becoming a member and better yet if you can, donate to it if you have not done that to date. It is through the support of all of us that this Society can continue to thrive and be there when we need it, it is only fair.  By the way, have you seen the beautiful book Mr. Pedersen created?
UITP - International Association of Public Transport

As a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility, UITP is internationally recognized for its work in advancing the development of this critical policy agenda. UITP has a long history to its name, and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes.

They are working to enhance quality of life and economic well-being by supporting and promoting sustainable transport in urban areas worldwide. 
ATRA - Advanced Transit Association

The Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) is an international association of active and retired transportation professionals, engineers, architects, urban planners, students, educators, and enthusiasts that promote the consideration of advanced transit options. They do not endorse any particular company or system, rather they strive to serve as an objective information resource to help decision makers navigate the often complex issues surrounding transportation choices particularly as it pertains to new technology.

Fundamentally, advanced transit is the transportation of people (and goods) in a way that is superior to conventional transit. It seeks to improve transit by applying some, or all, of the following techniques:

  • Using small vehicles accommodating people traveling to one, or very few, destination stations
  • Locating numerous stations on sidings (offline) so walking distances are short and vehicles not destined there can pass by without stopping
  • Running the vehicles on a network of dedicated guideways linking all stations and separated from pedestrians and other traffic thus enhancing safety and alleviating surface congestion
Executive Council
Carlos Banchik, President, USA
Peter Keller, Vice President, Switzerland
Peter Wittwer, Treasurer, Switzerland
Peter Timan, Member, Canada
A.K. Das, Member, India
Patrick Sweet, Director of Marketing & Social Outreach, Canada
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