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Why (and how) you should be making new friends online

I tweeted something last week and immediately regretted. While I haven’t changed my opinion about the core idea, I felt like I tweeted from a place of privilege.
I grew up with the internet. I made more friendships online with people I’ve never seen from countries I’ve never been too. Somehow, making connections online seems far more easier to me than socialising at a party or a meetup. However, I’m wrong to assume that’s the case with everybody.

I wanted to stress on the fact that we really ARE missing out on something if we don’t connect with people on the internet. 2020 has great for me on that front. I discovered a lot of new people on Twitter and it led me down a “productivity-rabbithole” filled with episodes of note-taking, book reading and fun gadgets. 

Fast forward to now, I’m part of a cohort based course called Write of Passage (grateful for a scholarship) where I get to interact with so many interesting people around the world. 

I value connections that form over the internet because they are organic. You don’t connect with someone on the internet because you go to the same school, you live in the same neighbourhood or your parents know each other. You connect because both of you truly have something in common. It’s not the physical realm that binds you but the intellectual. 

If you’re looking to connect with like minded people online, try these

1) Search for topics you’re interested in on Twitter with a maximum following of 5k. Browse tweets. Click on profiles that interest you. Follow them. Engage with them. DM them.

2) Pick a topic that interests you. Join a closed community. If you can, join a paid community. There are so many available. 

3) If you’re shy, then create content. Keep creating content about a topic for long enough and you’ll start attracting like minded people towards you.

Happy connecting!

Random things I learnt/observed

1. Spending time to clean up your YouTube algorithm is worth it
YouTube is a great way to discover new content. Their suggestion algorithm is really good if you spend some time to tune it. Spend time to review your home page and click on "Not Interested" to the videos that you don't want to see. 

2. It's okay to get emotional about work
For a long time, we've been told "it's just work" but the truly passionate ones will know it's stupid. For something that we think about for 60% of the day, it's okay to get emotional. 

Quote of the week

" can choose choices but not outcomes." - Matt Haig from The Midnight Library

Book Recommendations 

Daily Rituals

When we read about famous people, successful people, we always only get to know them at a macro level. This book has the daily rituals of few known names (many unknown ones), outlining everything they do from the time they wake up till they go to bed.
More Book Recommendations

Video of the week - How to write a book summary

If you have one hour (or 30 minutes in 2x), watch Tiago Forte summarise a book live. Insane skill to own. 

Tool of the week - Magnet


We don't realise it but we waste a lot of time switching between windows. I use Magnet to arrange windows on my screen so that I minimise the time I spend moving between windows.

Things you can say in any meeting

This week I made a video about things you can say in any meeting. Trust me, they work. 
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