Skrift presents: January's Digest

It's 2016, January's Issue No 10 went out without a hitch, so we're off with a bang. That being said, I'm sure you all know by now (have we emphasized it enough?) at Skrift, our focus is community. It's not just a buzz-word, but how we all feel about it. While communities grown and improve with each person building up each other, they also improve by each member building up themselves. So I say ... let's take a moment to be just a little selfish, shall we?

I'll start. I want you to write for us. I want you to help us help you. And while yes, I want you to do it for the community, I also want you to do it for you. Because writing for Skrift is just as good for you as it is for everyone else, and here's why:

  1. You are an internationally published author. Skrift isn't just "another blog on the internet." We're an online magazine with an ISSN number, which means that as one of our authors, you are officially printed in a publication. Which means...
  2. You have greater recognition in your field. We all build friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in our community, but by putting yourself out there, you get greater recognition for your ideas and experiences, which makes you an expert. This leads to ...
  3. Helping you land your next contract, client, raise, or job. By having Skrift on your resume, you can help push your next raise to your boss, help land that next big contract, or have a nice shiny badge when interviewing for your next job. It's a mark on your bucket list, a sign of prestige, and a gold star in the Umbraco community.

Write for Skrift. Write for us. Write for the community. Write for you.


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a curated collection of things around the web

Is Umbraco the king of ASP .NET open source content management systems?

A great article + video for helping people sell Umbraco to content editors, brand owners, and internal marketing teams. from Adam weston at GrowCreate.

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Running Umbraco Over Reverse Proxy

Need to run Umbraco over reverse proxy? Tim Payne shares his experience on how to painlessly get it working!

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Toggle box and slider

An as-is package mainly for inspiration, this package has a toggle box (like on a phone), and a toggle box + slider as featured recently in Allan Kirk's article on 24 Days in Umbraco.

Get the package

Delete All Children v7

A really 'simple' package that adds an option to the context menu for content and media that allows you delete all the children, hence the name, under a node. So super useful!

Download the package

Minimum Viable Product - Part 7 - Searching Content

We featured Kevin's Minimum Viable Product Series last time, but we found his search instructions to be particularly useful, so we're singling it out this week.

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