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Letter From The Editor: Fellowship of the U

by Janae Cram

Fitting in and finding our place in the world can be challenging when we don't fit the stereotypical role society mandates. As a self-proclaimed geek and lover of non-traditional girl things, Janae takes us through her journey of finding her place in the tech world and how "Umbraco" has come to mean more than just a CMS, but as a synonymous word for "community."

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What content editor doesn't love WYSIWYG. With LePainter, from Antoine Giraud and LECOATÍ you can get a visual preview of your grid layout in the back office itself.

Download the package

Fun with UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler

In his blog post, James South leads you through the UmbracoVirtualNodeRouteHandler for generating correct URLs from within your views or controllers.

Read James' blog post

Step by Step, Little by Little (2)

Stéphane Gay gives a review of Umbraco version 7.3.0 + dev-v7-contentcache branches using NuCache in place of the Xml cache.

Read Stéphane's blog post

Guide to Copenhagen

Attending CodeGarden this year? Check out this handy guide for things to do and places to explore while you're in Copenhagen.

Check out the guide

The art for the articles of Skrift thus far are the work of Stacy Bayse, an artist and developer that works at Mindfly Studio, a digital marketing agency based out of Bellingham, WA. Although Skrift will soon feature a proper artist information page for any artists that contribute to an issue, we wanted to make sure to get Stacy's name out there. She's done great work, and deserves full credit.

Stacy doesn't have time to make a fancy website, so she can be found on Facebook, and has been known to tweet on Twitter every now and then.
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