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Hi Everyone,

It's November. The weather is cool and soon it will already be Thanksgiving. The season passes too fast for my taste, but Christmas is nice too. I hope you all had a happy Halloween. If your shopping for children this month,or even family and friends, don't forget that books make great gifts. I've always loved bouncing around Barnes&Noble over the holiday season, and there are so many good indie authors with paperbacks on Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace as well as other online locations.

FantasyCon 2016 has past, and planning for 2017 has already begun. There were so many giveaways, from gift cards, to swag, paperbacks, e-books, and even fantasy covers for five writers.I hope those of you who were able to attend won something. I was running on overdrive that week because we had just returned from an unplanned trip the day before. Even my organization was thrown together too fast. A lesson learned about saving things for the last minute when I had a year to prepare. There will be a number of changes next year, but we'll have plenty of time to talk about that, as 2017 progresses.. 

My story for the romance anthology needs another re-write and I couldn't make the release date, so I had to pull out. The anthology is called Reflections of Love, it's available now and it's free, so go and get yourself a copy. Don't forget to leave the girls a review when your done reading, even if it's just a one line comment.

There are more anthologies in the future. They will be announced when we are closer to the release date. Eyes of the Gods is in the hands of friends that will present ideas to help give the story what it needs. Now I'm working hard on Haunted by Darkness: A Collection of Fantasy Tales and Legends, co-written with Raven Williams, due for release the end of this month.

Forward and onward to Nanowrimo 2016. I'm working on numerous short stories, and already 5269 words in. Wish me luck.

Have a great Thanksgiving and if you're out on Black Friday, please stay safe. It can get crazy out there.



An Excerpt from

Haunted by Darkness

An unedited spoiler


Lucien frowned. This was his life now, if he could call it that. He nodded and followed Bondere out of the tunnel.
They walked the streets, hunger growing by the minute.
"What is this?" Lucien asked.
"What is what?"
"We walk the streets all the time, but tonight I'm ravenous."
Bondere chuckled. "That's why we're called moon children. When it's full, it calls to us, bringing anticipation and excitement. It also does something to the blood in humans. I obtained the blood for your first feeding on a lovers moon. You'll notice the difference when you take your meal tonight, the blood will be sweet and richer."
A clear substance trickled from Lucien's tooth. "What is this?"
"The venom that incapacitates your victim. It won't kill unless you drink them dry. It will paralyze them for a bit though. It also makes them delirious, so when their mind clears, they often think it was some kind of dream"
More venom trickled from Lucien's teeth. His nose twitched, and he turned to see the silhouette of a man, gazing at the Thames. Lucien glanced at Bondere.
"I was going to have you watch first, but you haven't fed properly since you were raised. All you need to do, is make eye contact. The hunger will make your eyes flash red, and that will stun him for a minute. You can bite anywhere except the juggler, unless you want to kill him, of course."
Lucien shook his head. "No."
When you remove your teeth, the holes will close."
"What is I kill him by accident?"
"Killing is always by choice. You don't need to worry about that."
Unable to stand the hunger another moment, Lucien stalked forward.


A Horde of Dragons took 2nd place in Virtual FantasyCon's Favorite Fantasy Anthology award. Our signed giveaway has been waylaid by one of the authors, but as soon as it arrives, I'll be posting it on Goodreads, and Facebook. In the meantime, watch for my other giveaways on my FB Author page to celebrate finally passing the one-thousand likes goal..

Cursed by her sister, Brooke, Alexis is sent to the Victorian Era where her modern views clash with old fashioned culture. She finds herself in trouble, and the only one who can help her is a man she's rebuffed again and again. 
Ilan lost his bonded-brother, his mother, and now he must choose between protecting the woman he loves, or making her his own. The only way to save her is to reunite her with the husband who left her.
Juliette was a rude and cruel Mistress, until one of her servants cursed her to live in a world behind her mirror. She must learn to survive alone, with a wise unicorn, a blood-thirsty beran, and a cantankerous female centaur who doesn't like her.
I took third place for Best Fairytale Author at Virtual FantasyCon. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.
Want to be one of the first to read my stories? Contact me at with Beta-Reader in the subject line.
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