An update from the Perrys

Establishing a Beachhead

Where to start?

In a military battle, a beachhead is the temporary landing area where an invading army brings its troops ashore and begins to defend and organize its assault. It is one of the most strategic and dangerous times in an amphibious landing because the troops on the beach must defend their position while waiting for reinforcements to arrive so they can begin advancing. Some of World War II's most famous battles involved these landings: the D-Day landing in Normandy, and the island hopping campaigns in the Pacific such as Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

A Strategic Choice

We have often referred to Antofagasta as a "beachhead" in advancing the gospel to Chile's desert north. It is the largest city in the north and a strategic place to create a beachhead for the gospel. However, Antofagasta is not the only significant city in the north, so planting a church there is just the first step in seeing the gospel advance through the far north of Chile.

Praying for a Foothold

We are praying with the Flinck family (with whom we plan to team up) and the Gospel Mission of South America that the church plant in Antofagasta will be just the beginning stage of a massive advance of the gospel in Chile's far north. We pray that God will grow other churches: in Antofagasta, in Mejillones, in Calama, and in other cities throughout the region.

As we travel to churches on deputation, seeking partners in prayer and financial support, we are praying that the gospel will advance not just in Ohio and the Midwest and the United States, but also in northern Chile. We are praying that God will strengthen the believers who are growing and ministering there on the beachhead. We are praying that we might be able to arrive quickly and reinforce our brothers and sisters there.

Please pray with us! We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving Jesus' church. Our itinerary for the next several weeks looks like this:

  • November 15: Faith Bible Church, Bellevue, Ohio
  • November 15: Washington Township Baptist Church, Zanesville, Ohio
  • November 22: Auglaize Bible Church, Harrod, Ohio
  • December 6: Morrow Bible Church, Centerburg, Ohio
  • December 13: Calvary Bible Church, Lima, Ohio

Thank God with us:

  • for many opportunities to encourage pastors and churches.
  • for providing churches who have ministered to us and encouraged us.
  • for safety in travel and grace in serving.

Pray to God with us:

  • for the gospel to advance in our lives as we learn to "observe all that Jesus has commanded."
  • for the gospel to advance to more and more people here and around the world as we seek to "make disciples of all nations."
  • for God's provision of teammates who will support us in prayer and finances.
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The Antofagasta church's picnic in September. Pray for Jesus to build this church!
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We are Mark & Bekah Perry, missionaries to Antofagasta, Chile serving with Gospel Mission of South America. We are currently on deputation raising support to serve on a church-planting team in Chile's Grande Norte.
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