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Eye Health is #1

People agree: sight is most important sense

Many people believe that an optometrist's day is filled with updating lens prescriptions and the occasional pink eye case. However, the truth is, that optometrists are a vital part of your overall healthcare team. Our Highline Vision Center offices are filled with high-tech equipment that helps us detect and even co-manage some diseases right alongside primary care physicians.

This is just our way of reminding you to take care of those peepers! Schedule your annual exam now and beat the Fall rush. If you or anyone in your family wear glasses, you'll be especially happy to hear about our May and June special!

ADHD Diagnosis is Worth Money to Schools

Is it possible that schools may suffer financially if a child progresses past the two or more grade level deficit for which they receive additional funding when a child is diagnosed with ADHD?

Stephen Guffanti, M.D. not only was head of an ADHD clinic, he also served as President of the School Board in his community in California. So he knows of whence he speaks when he says to follow the money to get some answers about the increase in ADHD diagnoses.

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Help Me Be My Best!

If you have a struggling student, summer is a fantastic time to work on those visual skills before school starts again. We offer FREE Vision Performance Screenings to students so you can confidently refer parents to us when you have smart kids that continually struggle in the classroom.
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Raising Kids Who Read

Reading should be fun. At its best, reading is a little like riding a bicycle. It is freedom to escape and, within limits, choose your destination. At its worst, reading is all work, confusion, boredom, and frustration. The most important message in this book is the importance of keeping the fun in reading. 

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Just for Fun

How would you do on the new SAT?
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Learning a New Sport May Be Good for the Brain

There is strong evidence that learning a second language as an adult, for instance, results in increased white matter in the parts of the brain known to be involved in language processing.

Regular exercise likewise changes the brain with studies in animals showing that running and other types of physical activities increase the number of new brain cells created in parts of the brain that are integral to memory and thinking.
Read entire story on the New York Times Well blog.

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