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Almost Halfway

Time for action with kids who are struggling

Many schools are done - or almost done - with Parent-Teacher conferences. This is the point where teachers and parents alike will face the reality that some of their students' learning skills are deficient. This isn't a reflection of their effort or your dedication. Consider all of the areas that may be contributing. Don't let undiagnosed visual skills and visual information processing deficiencies continue to affect their learning.

ADD/ADHD & Focusing Problems

Parents and professionals are inundated with attention disorder information or believe that kids just need to "focus harder" on homework. Sometimes, however, there's an eye/brain disconnect that have nothing to do with how clearly a student is seeing. Detecting and measuring the various visual skills associated with learning is a specialty of Highline Center for Vision Performance.

Students can receive our complimentary Vision Performance Screening in order to find out what grade level their vision skills are currently and to see if Vision Therapy is a viable option to supporting the student's overall success.

What Keeps Kids Up at Night? Cellphones and Tablets

Children’s use of smartphones and tablets near bedtime is linked to poor sleep and daytime drowsiness, a new analysis has found. The report, in JAMA Internal Medicine, pooled data from 20 studies involving 125,198 children ages 6 to 18.

Success: 24 Years Later

By Dr. Jeri Schneebeck, OD, FCOVD

I just saw one of my long time patients. He stopped me after the exam and said, "I just want to thank you again for what you did for my daughter, Amy in Vision Therapy.  What she could do at age 4 changed so much after VT - to someone who became a soccer goalie, in lacrosse, and so much more. She is now 24 and so successful."

It gave me goose bumps to hear that all these years later!


Grateful for You

Wesley is one of our PintsEYES patients we're grateful for. We are also grateful for YOU for trusting us with your eye care and for referring your friends, family, students and patients to us. Thank you!

Social Success Vital to Life

From an early age, we're led to believe our grades and test scores are the key to everything — namely, going to college, getting a job, and finding that glittery path to lifelong happiness and prosperity.

It can be a little stressful.

Jay Leno’s Advice for My Dyslexic Son

“Jay Leno here, calling for Aidan.”

This was the voice I heard when I picked up our home phone one day in April.

“One second,” I said, trying to sound natural, as if people like Jay Leno called our house all the time. I banged on Aidan’s door and whisper-shouted, “It’s Jay Leno!”


Fidget Cube for Focus?

Even adults fidget sometimes.

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