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Advancing Concrete Pavement Research and Technology

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Spring 2023

Climate Change, Resilience, and Concrete Pavements

Extreme weather can be highly disruptive to roadways, airfields, and other transportation facilities. The Spring 2023 NC² Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) Brief from the NC² Resource Library examines how concrete pavements can be a resilient solution.

News from the Road

"News from the Road" highlights recent news articles and completed research around the country that helps the concrete pavement community meet the research priorities outlined by the NC² member states.
Florida DOT Opens Concrete Test Road
Construction is complete on the Florida DOT Test Road located on US Highway 301 between Gainesville and Jacksonville in Clay County. It is the only pavement testing facility of its type in the southeastern United States.

AASHTO Journal:

Florida DOT Press Release:

Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays
This report reviews available research literature and reports on Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) mixtures to recognize best practices of using FRC overlay mixtures and identify products with the potential of being successfully utilized in Missouri. The research includes evaluation of twelve fibers at three different dosages to evaluate performance. Read this research here or copy and paste its URL into your browser:  
Establishing Fresh Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Performance Engineered Mixture (PEM)
This report is a laboratory study from the Minnesota DOT and the University of Minnesota Duluth on the use of structural fibers in PCC performance engineered mixtures (PEM). The objective of this study was to conduct a laboratory investigation including various aggregates, fibers, and fiber dosages to determine the influence of the structural fibers on the fresh and hardened concrete test properties. Read this research here or copy and paste its URL into your browser: 
Evaluation of Current WI Mixes Using Performance Engineered Mixture Testing Protocols
This study investigated performance related tests for the Wisconsin DOT PEM concrete mixtures. Phase I of the study involved testing PEM concrete mixtures at the plant, as well as before and after the paver at various locations. Phase II included a lab study to investigate performance using various aggregate sources and blends. Read this research here or copy and paste its URL into your browser:

Learn about. . . Foundation Layers

Below are the first several hits for the example search query "foundation layers" from the Concrete Infrastructure Research Database that covers both in-progress and recently completed concrete pavement and bridge deck research.

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The NC² E-News, originally the quarterly newsletter of the former CP Road Map program, overviews new developments in concrete pavement research and technology from around the country. 
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