June 2016
How Much Is a Doctor's Website Worth?

Recently a physician who is moving toward retirement asked us this question. His query kick-started intensive rumination. It’s rather difficult to put a value on an existing website that has performed extraordinarily in generating new patients for years.
Valuing your website
Making Sense of Search Engine Optimization: Part 2

In this final installment of our SEO basics series, we cover the three most important factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a webpage: being visible to the Google bots, logical & clear website linking, and keyword relevance & proximity.
Get to the top of Google search

Medical advertising is about actionable uniqueness, not money.
Traditional advertising may not get you very far - the marketplace is already too noisy. Instead of simply adding your voice to the din, come up with clever, actionable ideas that get patients to notice you.
Lessons from Chipotle in non-traditional advertising 
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