Don't Call Us. We'll Call You and Make a Lasting Impression.

The last impression your patient has when leaving your office can be just as important as the first impression, if not even more so.

If we make sure a patient’s last experience during the doctor-patient encounter is a positive one – an above average experience, even an amazing experience – then the patient will more likely share that positive experience with family, friends and even online.

In other words, the “last impression lasts." If I had to pick one idea that is the most effective method of leaving a lasting impression, one that is easy to accomplish and the least expensive, it would be calling your patients.

  • Call with test results and to answer any questions.
  • Call before a procedure or surgery to ease their minds.
  • Call a new patient to welcome her or him before the appointment.
  • Call a patient who has started a new medication to affirm compliance.
In the exam room, if you make an effort to leave a lasting impression and answer their questions, patients are less likely to interrupt you later with calls. If you spend just a few minutes each night calling your patients, you ultimately will have more time with your family and friends.

Bottom line: A lasting impression gives patients a reason to talk about you and your practice long after they have left the office. 

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Neil H. Baum, MD, is on-staff medical advisor to Vanguard Communications and author of two books: "Marketing Your Clinical Practice - Ethically, Effectively, and Economically," now in its 4th edition, and "The Complete Business Guide to a Successful Medical Practice."

Dr. Baum has been dubbed "Dr. Wiz" for his love of magic and his urology specialty practice. 
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