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June 23, 2020

Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Office
Priests of the Sacred Heart, US Province
"Jesus, Immigrant and Worker" (the Catholic Worker)
Klingler Award
Co-Recipients Announced
The JPR Commission is pleased to announce that our 2020 Johnny Klingler, SCJ, Social Action Award will be shared by two recipients this year.

Frank Wittouck, SCJ, will be honored for his many years of service as an SCJ, as well as his extensive volunteer work with the homeless, migrants and prisoners in Houston since his retirement. He was nominated by former SCJ David Jackson.

On behalf of Sacred Heart Parish in Canton, Mississippi, Fr. Mike O'Brien will be the co-recipient of this award for their response to the arrest of hundreds of undocumented workers, many of them members of Sacred Heart, at a plant raid by ICE last year. They were nominated by Diego Diaz, SCJ.

Watch this space for stories on these two wonderful priest/pastors. Because of  Covid-19, the date and place of the award is still to determined.

DACA Decision a Relief,
But Does Not Save Dreamers

CatholicU: A much bigger dream than DACA needed

it’s important to remember that DACA is only a temporary, partial solution. The 800,000 participants in DACA represent a mere 22% of the 3.6 million undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children and teenagers. The rest either didn’t qualify, didn’t apply, or couldn’t afford the fees. And DREAMers account for only 33% of the estimated 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in our country, including the siblings, parents, and grandparents of DREAMers.

Reuters: Trump still determined to end DACA in six months
The Trump administration is determined to end DACA within six months, said a top U.S. official. The administration said they will continue issuing visas to recipients while seeking to end the program.
*     *     *     *     *

Although the DREAM Act has been endorsed by many Catholic and ecumenical bodies, the JPR Commission feels strongly that the Act as currently written is deeply flawed, and that we should fight for the original version of it that did not recruit for the military. Our position is explained in this article:  The DREAM Act as Military Draft
Other Immigration News & Analysis

Vox: Trump is quietly gutting the asylum system amid the pandemic

Los Angeles Times: Immigrant family separations take new form

The closing of the U.S.-Mexico border due to COVID-19 created a new form of immigrant family separations. Parents are being pressured to either give up their children or their legal claim to protection in the United States.    

CNS: Immigrants fill essential jobs in COVID-19 fight
A new report from the Center for Migration Studies highlights the importance of 19.8 million immigrant workers in essential U.S. jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Immigrants comprise 16 percent of health care workers and 31 percent of farm workers.

AP: Green card ban, temporary visa ban extended
The Trump administration extended the ban on green cards issued outside the United States and added more temporary work visas to the freeze. The Trump administration said the measures will save 525,000 jobs for U.S. workers.

The Marshall Project: The true costs of deportation
Even after the Supreme Court ruling sparing DACA, many immigrants can face deportation. Here are the stories of three families where deportation brought financial ruin, mental health crises—and eve...

Immigration Courtside: IMAGINE: How Would YOU Like To Be Judged in America’s Star Chambers?
Economic Justice
5" Video:  Why the U.S. saw mass lay-offs but not Great Britain

You may think you understand


Let this visualization
open your eyes ...

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Racism, Policing, Protest and Change

Patheos: White American Catholics have a racism problem

CNN: Cuomo on systemic racism in US economy:  Here's the proof
Director of the United States National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow denied the existence of systemic racism in the US when asked by a reporter. CNN's Chris Cuomo uses data to prove Kudlow wrong.

NCR: The bishops' letter fails to recognize that racism is a white problem

Atlantic: Coronavirus an emergency until Trump saw who was dying

Six lessons for police reform from the Catholic Church

Politico: The city that actually got rid of the police
And rebuilt the department from the ground up. The strange, hopeful, politically complicated story of Camden, NJ.

Martin Luther King Knew That There’s Nothing Peaceful
About Nonviolence If You’re Doing It Right
Seventh Generation Interfaith Report

This is why we engage in shareholder activism:

Back in April, prior to the publication of the story below, our shareholder team raised this issue with Kohl's executive Steve Thomas back in April.  He told us that their suppliers will give Kohl's preferential treatment because "Kohl's has been so reliable and loyal to them." We questioned whether they would even still be around after losing their shirts this way. Then this article appeared in the U.K.'s The Guardian:

The Guardian: Anger at huge shareholder payout as US chain Kohl's cancels $150m in orders  Retailer paid $109m in dividends just weeks after cancelling clothing orders, leaving suppliers in Bangladesh and Korea facing financial crisis

Quote:   “Kohl’s puts a grossly one-sided cancellation clause in its purchase agreements, allowing it to cancel, and refuse to pay [suppliers] when it decides to,” he said. “[The company] has refused to pay for apparel that it ordered and that workers have already made, but the company somehow found a $100m to reward shareholders. It’s hard not to think of these actions as nothing more than a form of robbery.”----Scott Nova, Worker Rights Consortium

When doing the right thing does not mean making more money, we have only two other arguments to make with companies - appeals to conscience, justice, mercy, the common good, etc. (which can work with some companies but others are quite resistant to), and what we refer to as "reputational risk." Bad press like this can do far more harm to a company's brand than the $100 million that was involved here. We often find companies are more willing to talk after stories like this appear.

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