Toppermost round-up #7
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A selection of recent toppermosts

"I mean, really, the very idea of a Morrissey top ten song list. Morrissey devotees will have their own firmly fixed notions. Those for whom the very thought of Morrissey music is a matter of supreme indifference won’t care" READ ON
Sufjan Stevens
Gerry Rafferty
King Tubby
Maura O'Connell
Todd Rundgren
Small Faces
T. Rex

From the Toppermost archive

I wondered if she’d somehow slipped through a hole in time and encountered the infant Kate Bush. Kate would, of course, get round to sharing the songs about snow with us eventually... READ ON
Talk Talk
Bert Jansch
Roxy Music
Prefab Sprout

In Memoriam

John Renbourn

(8 August 1944–26 March 2015)

"a superbly skilled guitarist with a delicacy of touch and a mastery of tone which only the very best of his contemporaries could match..."


The Auteurs

"Should you chance upon a moustachioed, top-hatted silhouette tying some fair maiden to the railway tracks, you’re not going to have to search far and wide for a culprit. Luke Haines did it. And he isn’t about to apologise." One of our most clicked posts this month

Broken Links

It’s impossible to keep an accurate check on this so do let us know if you ever spot any broken links on any of the posts on the site. Thank you.

Just some of the artists
we'd like to see on here

who haven't appeared yet...!

Muddy Waters | Squeeze | Woody Guthrie | R.E.M. | Lester Young | Joe Cocker | Kirsty MacColl | Robert Wyatt | The Zombies | Augustus Pablo | Laura Cantrell | Mercury Rev | Sandy Denny | Pulp | Happy Mondays | Patti Smith | Sarah Vaughan | Porcupine Tree | Television | The Coral | Dizzy Gillespie | Roberta Flack | Hank Williams | Lynyrd Skynyrd | New York Dolls | Amy Winehouse | Flaming Lips | Jacques Brel | Jelly Roll Morton ...

Coming soon

Natalie Merchant, Galley Beggar, Lene Lovich, Beck, Nils Frahm, Serge Gainsbourg, Black Box Recorder, Little Milton, Electric Light Orchestra, James Yorkston, The Cribs, Talking Heads, Bill Nelson, Neil Diamond, Luke Haines, Manic Street Preachers, Kirsty MacColl, Chameleons, Stealers Wheel, Swell Maps ...
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