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I cannot begin to share with all of you what an amazing experience the past few days at @Stagecoach was for me and my @MorningHangover #TailgateTeam. I didn't think it was possible to top last year's (my first) experience but sure enough this year absolutely did. Without question one of the highlights of my 2019. Special thanks to everyone at Team Golden Voice (Shea & Stacy), Team Morris Higham (Nate), and Team WME (Kristen) for everything they did to make this one of the absolute best #CountryMusic experiences me and my crew have ever had!


@LukeBryanOnline (Team Universal) @SamHuntMusic @Jason_Aldean (Team Broken Bow) headlined this year's #Stagecoach #ManeStage. Luke kicked things off on Friday night and I don't think you can have a better artist set the tone for the entire weekend than Luke. It was a non-stop party atmosphere driven by Luke's refusal to end his set, going well into overtime territory playing past midnight - much to the crowd's absolute delight. Sam continued the momentum on Saturday night with a wildly entertaining set that was simply electrifying. Aldean closed things out last night with an absolute fury of a show that had sold-out crowd of 80,000-plus in an absolute frenzy. You can watch highlights of all three-headliners right now via @MorningHangover #InstaStories #Stagecoach2019



Check out the official music video for the title track of @DylanScottCntry (Team Curb) brand new EP #NothingToDoTown available everywhere right now!


I want to spotlight early up in this email today some of the acts who played the #ManeStage during the hottest parts of the day - @Zdevin (Team Warner) @Russelled (Team Triple Tigers) and @DBradbery (Team Big Machine). I got to #Stagecoach right as Devin was taking the stage on Friday. I lasted 7 minutes standing out there because it was that friggin hot. How this guy was able to perform - bet the band loves that black is your fav color brother :) - for 30-40 mins in these conditions is super-human to me. I think Devin is one of the real bright talents in our format right now - there is a substance to him that is rare. Given the conditions, I was blown-away at how #RussellDickerson was able to maintain the level of energy that is becoming a real hallmark of his performances. Russell might have had the most energy of anyone I've seen all week. Some people can win over an audience with the magnitude of their talent - #DanielleBradbery is one of those people. I've had the opportunity to watch her a few times now in recent months and every time I am left #speechless. #WorthIt live gives me the chills!



Performing in the "direct support" slot (the spot that is before the headlining act) were @ColeSwindell (Team Warner), @LukeCombs (Team Sony) & @OldDominion (Team Sony). I don't know how you could watch a Cole performance and not just have the time of your life - his joy is contagious. I don't think I fully appreciated how remarkable Combs' rise has been until hearing 80k-plus sing along to #BeautifulCrazy like they did on Saturday night. One of those goosebumps moments I'll always remember. How great was it for #OldDominion to play last night, on the very night, they learned #MakeItSweet had topped the #CountryRadio charts??? These guys are so much fun to watch and their brand of music creates such a fun energy in an environment like #Stagecoach.


Experiencing moments like watching from the #Stagecoach stage are so special to me - I can't begin to thank all of you who read this tipsheet enough because without you - I'd never have these kind of opportunities.


Phase 1 of my post-Stagecoach recovery plan...#InNOut


@Lauren_Alaina (Team Universal) @JimmieAllen (Team Broken Bow), @MichaelRayMusic (Team Warner) & @ScottyMcCreery (Team Triple Tigers) - 4 artists who are among the kindest and most generous humans I've ever met and 4 artists who I believe are cornerstones of what the next decade of #countrymusic can look like. #Grateful to know these amazing talents.


@KaneBrown (Team Sony) @CAMCountry @Lauren_Alaina (Team Universal) were the three artists who transitioned #Stagecoach from day-time to night-time playing as the sun began to set in the CA desert. Kane has really come into his own as a performer - there has to be a unique confidence and comfort as a performer that comes with success (and multiple smash hits) and it's really beginning to show in how Kane's presence on stage has evolved since I first saw him a few years ago. The crowd ate it up. One of the coolest things was watching Cam perform #BurningHouse at sunset. Crowd went nuts when her #SoLong collaborator @Diplo joined her on stage! Lauren Alaina is special. No performance created the kind of emotional connection and investment hers did last night. If anyone thinks women in country like Lauren aren't capable of captivating a massive stadium-sized audience, they need to watch Lauren's set from last night because she absolutely crushed it. It was a fantastic moment to experience. She is next level. Period.


Two of the late-afternoon performances I really enjoyed were @LancoMusic (Team Sony) and @ScottyMcCreery (Team Triple Tigers). #RIVAL might be one of my new favorite songs to experience live - I've had it stuck in my head all day. Killer moment when #LANCO decided to hop the barrier and go into the crowd! What a baller move! Scotty has shown that he as a lot more in him than being just an #AmericanIdol. He's put together a really enjoyable set. What most fans probably don't realize about performing in the desert heat is that almost everything goes haywire on the stage - with equipment literally melting down - artists are more exposed - and yet - when you're as talented as Scotty is with the voice that he has - none of that fazes him. 


#Stagecoach #PalominoStage had some amazing music moments going on including @RitaWilson playing music from her new #countrymusic album #HalfwayToHome ... Rita's hubby @TomHanks was there in support of his wife and was probably the most sought-after selfie backstage of anybody there. On stage Saturday night was the legendary @Skynyrd who has a lot of mileage left in his tank.The crowd was absolutely rockin' and over-flowed a few yards deep outside of the stage and the surrounding area. #SouthernRock is alive and well!


@JakeOwen (Team Big Loud) will appear on the new season of @BacheloretteABC which premieres tonight on could not get enough of seeing stars from current/past seasons of #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette at #Stagecoach...


Loved running into so many familiar faces this weekend including Betsy Spina (Team Radio Disney Country) Kelly Rice (Team Red Light), future biker-gang leader Adrian Michaels (Team Warner), Ricky Abramson (Team Boots On Stage), Julia (Team Country Music Nights and City Lights) and Leanne Massey (Team Friend)


You wanna talk about an #AfterParty for the ages ... taking over the #PalominoStage last night after Aldean closed out the #ManeStage was the one-and-only @Diplo incorporating his brand of music with #countrymusic. His playlist included @LukeBryanOnline #CountryGirl @BrantleyGilbert (Team Valory) #BottomsUp Aldean's #ShesCountry. #DIPLO had some great surprises in store for the crowd including appearances from #Cam #SamHunt (who played #BodyLikeABackRoad) and @LilNasX + @BillyRayCyrus performing their global smash hit #OldTownRoad. When they hit the stage - it was one of the loudest ovations I've ever heard. Make no mistake about it - #Stagecoach fans support #OldTownRoad


If you're at #stagecoach for music, then the @SXMTheHighway stage is the place for you! This is the place that true die-hard fans hang out at because it is in 100% sun and it was more than 100 degrees out there. I mentioned earlier how the heat/wind on the #ManeStage - well it was that x1000 on the XM stage.  That didn't stop @TylerRichMusic (Team Valory) @BrandonLay (Team Universal) @JonTLangston (Team 32 Bridge) @FilmoreMusic (Team Curb) @RachelWammack (Team Sony) @TravisRDenning (Team Universal) @AdamHambrick (Team Universal) @Abbya_Music (Team Black River) @JimmieAllen (Team Broken Bow) from giving these die-hard fans everything they had - at the risk of heat exhaustion. And yes, I realize as I'm typing this that I accidentally have some pics of #MichaelRay in here (when I meant to put in @M10Penny) and for clarification he was on the #ManeStage but I've basically been living off of #Doritos and #UltraLife for three days with no sleep so a mistake or two or forty-five is kind of inevitable! Thinking about the acts I saw yesterday (when there was mercifully some cloud cover), Adam is special with an insanely gifted voice. Abby is such a personality with the chops to back it up. Jimmie is born to entertain - he is truly versatile and I think he can be to #CountryMusic what #WillSmith was to #Rap


Check out this stripped down rendition of what might be @DylanScottCntry (Team Curb) favorite song off his new #NothingToDoTown EP - this is #Nobody
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