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8 80 Streets Mountview One Year Anniversary

It's been one year since the launch of 8 80 Streets Mountview, Toronto's first School Streets pop-up, demonstrating how to create safer roads near schools through programming rather than reconstruction. For four days at the end of October 2019, we created a temporary car-free environment on Mountview Avenue during school drop-off and pick-up times in order to prioritize safe walking conditions for children, parents, and caregivers at Keele Street Public School. Using simple signage and barriers, and with the help of community volunteers and school leaders, this pop-up allowed children the opportunity to safely use active, sustainable, and independent travel to and from school.

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From the 8 80 Cities Blog:  Parenthood And My New Relationship With Parks

We are happy to welcome back our stellar Sr. Project Manager, Rossana Tudo, from her maternity leave. And what a great comeback she did with this insightful blog post about the need for centring the design and programming of parks (or tantrum neutralizing zones - read on to find out more about this new acronym) around women and caregivers. 

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Tools for Creating More Walkable Cities 

ITDP has developed Pedestrians First is a set of interactive tools that measure walkability in cities around the world. By navigating these resources, you will learn about different ways of understanding walkability; see the benefits of having a walkable city; read about Pedestrians First’s emphasis on babies, toddlers and their caregivers; and learn about urban planning for walkability.

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Inclusive Place Activation in San Jose, CA

So excited to share and profile the amazing work of SOAC (School of Arts and Culture) a partner we’ve had the pleasure of working within San Jose, California. This team is a shining example of what responsive and inclusive place activation looks like amidst a pandemic. SOAC is adapting its programming of a vital local asset (Mexican Heritage Plaza) to provide critical services to their community during COVID. “During this moment of need, we offer La Plaza as a symbol of solidarity, community, and resilience” (Jessica Paz-Cedillos, Executive Director SOAC).  

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Together We Cycle - The Film
For the Dutch, cycling seems like a natural phenomenon. But until the 1970s, their cities were adapting to the influx of cars. How did Dutch cities take a different turn and made cycling the obvious choice for most citizens? #TogetherWeCycle (Nieuw & Verbeterd) shares insights about the nature of cycling.

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How to Age in Place
On the eve of International Day of Older Persons, Sue Lantz, CEO of Ageing in Place and 8 80 Cities Board member,  launched "Options Open: The Guide for Mapping Your Best Aging Journey". The guide targets seniors who want to expand their options for ageing in the right places with the right supports.

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A Pandemic Toolkit

Without any doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us plenty of ways of trying to understanding the so-called "new normal". Planners, designers and great minds from different disciplines have invested time and creativity to come up with solutions amid this worldwide crisis.

Place Makers, a firm of planners and designers based in the U.S., has put together this Pandemic Toolkit, to help local and regional governments respond to challenges imposed by COVID-19, but also to help become more resilient in the face of future pandemics. 

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What Attaches Us to the Place That We Live?

Well before COVID-19 shut down community life as we know it, Knight Foundation commissioned Urban Institute to explore a key question: what attaches people to the places where they live? To understand this question, Urban Institute, in partnership with the firm SSRS, surveyed over 11,000 Americans: 1,206 U.S. adults living in urbanized areas1 and 10,261 living in 26 metro areas throughout the United States where Knight Foundation works. 

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Get Involved With Safer Routes to School

Isn't it awesome that more and more cities around the world are implementing measures to ensure safe routes to school for kids?  But, if you think twice, they also mean safety for all.

These resources from Living Streets, give us tips and examples on how to put safety around school zones first, and tools to advocate with your community leaders, city councils or any groups that are working towards achieving VisionZero. They are applicable everywhere. 

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