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From the 8 80 Blog: Copenhagen's Catalytic Effect

2017 was, as expected, an awe-inducing, inspirational and informative year for the Copenhagen Study Tour.  Three months on, the magic has continued, as individuals from the 2017 cohort bring the “lessons learned” back to their home cities. Want a peek into some of the cohort’s key take-aways? Look no further than Rossana Tudo’s article. 

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Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools

Are you concerned with the safety of streets near your neighbourhood school? Unfortunately, the response to this question is often “who isn’t?”. As a member of the public, it is easy to feel powerless in the change making process. But this doesn’t have to be the case! If you are interested in bringing about safer streets, check out TCAT’s Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools.

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Retrofitting Communities to Meet the Needs of 8 80
Gil Penalosa has shared his wisdom about age-friendly cities in various cities around the globe. Now, it’s Cowichan’s turn! Check out this video to find out more about Gil’s talk and how Cowichan plans to accommodate their aging population and improve community design.

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The World's First Minister of Loneliness
Last month, the U.K. made history by creating an entirely new, untried political role: the world’s first ‘Minister for Loneliness’. The post is designed to combat what the British Prime Minister called “ the sad reality of modern life”. What could the new minister possibly do to improve the situation of lonely people?  Read Feargus O’Sullivan’s fantastic City Lab article to find out.

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Left Behind: Seniors, Suburban Sprawl, and the Car

Joseph Stromberg writes about the devastating impacts car-dominated city design has had on seniors. Full of striking facts and arguments, this article is one you shouldn’t miss!

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Why Everyone in San Francisco Lives within a 10-Min Walk of a Park

Is your city part of the 100% club? That is, do 100% of the residents in your city live within a 10min walk of a park?  If you don’t live in San Francisco, unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim this prestigious honour. While San Francisco is the first city to achieve this feat, they are not shy about sharing. In fact, they want others to join in their success! Want to find out more? Listen to the full story by Cort Jones and Roxanne Sutton.  

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From Communist Rule to a City for Children: The Transformation of Tirana

“After several decades behind the Iron Curtain, Albania’s capital Tirana is enjoying a new lease of life. At the heart of the city’s mission has been incorporating children into its decision making; reconstructing nurseries & kindergartens, freeing public space for parks and playground and getting young kids involved in the community.” This is the opening paragraph from Jack Graham’s interview with Tirana’s mayor.
The interview makes for a brilliant read, including such zingers as “how about we worry about the next generation, rather than just the next election”.

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TD Park People Grants: Apply Before March 5

Make your city park come alive with movie nights, harvest festivals and nature walks. Apply for the TD Park People Grants program! TD Park People Grant will provide $2,000 to groups from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal to help make community events happen in parks.  Have an idea to make your city park come alive? Great! If you don’t – check out some of Park People’s ideas to spark your imagination. Don’t delay: submissions are due March 5th.

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