Breaking New Ground

So much is happening here at Makor Chaim – thanks to all of you who have stood by us ever since the tragic kidnapping and murder of our students 3 years ago.
The new campus in memory of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal is growing by leaps and bounds. Construction continues on the first dormitory complex of 2 buildings and will be completed over the winter, new access roads are being built including  partial paving of “Derech Ha’Avot”, ongoing development of infrastructure and earthworks in the areas where construction will begin in the coming months on the high school  and Beit Midrash buildings – and more!

Makor Chaim continues to break new ground in other areas as well:
Israel's Education Ministry has chosen Makor Chaim to spearhead a unique new program to bolster prayer and spirituality in schools throughout the country. This is in addition to our adult outreach programs being held throughout the country on a monthly basis.

Maggid Publishers announced that Rabbi Dov Singer’s new book “Recipes for Devotion” is sold out and going into its second printing – just two weeks from its initial publication!
Rav Dov will be in the US from Oct. 23-Nov.7. If you would like to host a "Workshop of the Heart" in your community or school - please contact us ASAP. 
In the US, Makor Chaim USA, Inc. has officially received tax exempt status (EIN#81-2097033). Special thanks to our founding board members – Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, Jay Rosenberg and Isaac Lebwohl.
Despite our tremendous progress on many fronts, the past year has not been an easy one. In the aftermath of the murder of another of our alumnae, IDF Sgt. Elachai Taharlev, ​ a number of Israeli newspaper published articles on the tragic number of losses incurred by the Makor Chaim community in recent years. Again and again we have stressed our basic message: ​We must learn to serve G-d with our heart - with our emotions. If we redouble our efforts to serve Him with true joy, maybe we will be spared having to serve Him in pain and suffering.
We know that the key to our continued growth and influence will be our new campus on the historic “Derech Ha’Avot”, replacing the collection of dilapidated shacks we try to operate out of today. We have a few promising government and private commitments for the future, but if we can’t finish the first dormitory complex now, if we can’t begin work on the high school and study hall soon – those commitments may be called into question.
We appeal to you – we need your help now! Press Here
לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו לאלתר לחיים טובים ולשלום
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