Songs for Tibet. Wonderful music, a beautfiul gift in honour of a very special birthday
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June 2015

Songs for Tibet II -
Thankyou to the Dalai Lama

Songs for Tibet II -The Art of Peace Foundation


Songs for Tibet 2 - Artists come together in honour of the Dalai Lama

Mike Wohl, Founder of The Art of Peace Foundation, in the London recording studio with Producer Rupert Hine, engineer Steve Taylor and Tony Cousins, album mastering engineer

Songs for Tibet II -The Art of Peace Foundation


Join with Kate Bush, Sting, Elbow, Lorde, Of Monsters and Men and other great musicians; giving a 'Thank You' gift to the Dalai Lama, for the Tibetan people and future generations throughout the world.

Back in 2008 Meridian’s Founding Trustee Geoff Jukes (Music manager to Kate Bush, Underworld and Bob Geldof) worked closely with Mike Wohl and Rupert Hine (English musician, songwriter and record producer) to produce the ‘Songs for Tibet’ album. Released at the same time as the Beijing Olympics, as a show of solidarity with the Dalai Lama and Tibet, 20 artists came together to release this historic double album which went straight to No.1 on the Rock Album chart on iTunes in the United States, France, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands.


To celebrate the life and work of the Dalai Lama in this, his 80th year, the team have released Songs for TIbet 2. This time, Lorde, Elbow and Of Monsters and Men have all joined with original contributors (Sting, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush et al) to release another extended play of new mixes and previously unreleased material.  The aim is to raise money for the many peace, compassion and interfaith causes promoted by the Dalai Lama, both for Tibetans and all humankind.   Due to be released on July 6th, we invite you to go to learn more about great work of  The Art of Peace Foundation, promoting peace initiatives around the world.  Here you can buy this amazing commemorative album, in honour of an icon of our time and of the Tibetan people who, in terms of spiritual awakenings, have given the world so much.

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