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[No. 040] Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind

Thursday, September 4, 2015

So: sports, amirite? The University of Michigan Wolverines of Ann Arbor begin a new era tonight and, despite my best efforts to temper my own expectations, I’ve entered delirium. Harbaugh tho. But first?

It's not talked about enough, but Serena Williams may be the single greatest athlete we've been lucky enough to watch over the past few decades - certainly since I've been alive. You can make the case for Michael Jordan. Michael Phelps, too. But quite honestly, what Serena has done throughout her career is mind boggling and y'all need to recognize.


She’s currently trying to win the U.S. Open which would give her the full, calendar-year Grand Slam. But she’s already won 21 major championships, and she’s done so with incredible class and grace, given some of the adversity she’s had to face in a sport not necessarily known for featuring Compton-raised, black female athletes.


Here's hoping she pulls off her Grand Slam.


Anyways, this morning we have a great article about Sir Harbaugh (but seriously, let’s just win football games!), the most popular iPhone app/game downloads ever (Tinder isn’t on the list yet, but Candy Crush sure is!), a brand new newsletter feature (it’ll be nice and bubbly!), and the launch of September’s playlist. Enjoy!


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Jim Harbaugh Will Attack This College Football Season With An “Enthusiasm Unknown To Mankind” [GQ]

I mean, look: there has been no shortage of takes, profile pieces, and general fawning-type articles about Jim since he took the reigns of the Michigan football program. Right now, there’s an almost universal acceptance of Jim as:

  • A fucking nutjob

  • But an endearing nutjob

  • And one who has unbridled and incomparable passion for football

  • And Michigan

  • And so… here we are


I don’t have much to add to the Harbaugh narrative. Once Michigan kicks off tonight against Utah, that narrative shifts entirely from “hey how cool of the best coach in all of football to willingly come back to his alma mater/man is he a crazy shit/boy has he done wonders with the teams and QBs he’s coached.” And it shifts to “the Harbaugh-led Wolverines need to win football games.”


The honeymoon is over. It’s winning time. But also, do read the GQ piece. A good friend and Twitter’s leading advocate of attacking each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind wanted to run through a fucking wall after reading it. I did too.


These are the most popular iOS apps and games of all time [Quartz]

Probably not a lot of surprises here, but some interesting data, nonetheless. For apps, Facebook owns the top two spots, with its main app #1 and Facebook Messenger at #2. Oh, and they own WhatsApp, which clocks in at #6. YouTube, Instagram, Skype and the some of the other usual suspects round out the list.


As far as games go? Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds occupy the top spots.


Unfortunately, none of my creations made it on to the lists. My “Photos Of Jim Harbaugh Growing Up In Ann Arbor” app didn’t grab a hold like I had hoped. Neither did “Har-boss,” a first-person game I developed where you, a corporate underling, have to work your way up the ladder at a big Fortune 500 company while appeasing an entirely unreasonable and fucking insane boss who you also kind of admire. Oh well.


San Pellegrino

When I was younger, I used to really dislike carbonated beverages. The fizz made me uncomfortable - I didn’t like the sensation. I’m not saying that beer was the bridge that got me to cross over to the carbonated side, but… well… maybe it was beer.


In the past year, I’ve taken an extreme liking to sparkling water. With or without lemon, with or without ice, with or without a glass (aka drinking it straight from the bottle), sparkling water is entering hallowed territory for me. And I’ve started a search for the best sparkling waters that the world has to offer. I have much to learn. But I’m willing to put in the time and effort to find those waters. Life, man.


But I want to share that sparkling water journey with you all. So I’ll be regularly featuring a new “Sparkling Water of the Month” in this newsletter.


First up? Well, for my money, there can be only one sparkling water to start with. And that is San Pellegrino. It has been around forever (Wikipedia says it’s been produced for over 600 years, which…. damn). But at least in the U.S., it remains the gold standard in sparkling water (or mineral water). It has just the right amount of bubbles. Juuuuuust a little bit of salt. And it absolutely rules as a drink unto its own, as a companion to a meal, a glass of wine, or an espresso.


Give me a 750 ml glass bottle, and I'm golden. It might as well be called San Pellegri-YES.



Playlist: 🍂GREG'S PLAYLIST🍂 SEPTEMBER 2015 [Spotify]

12 songs already, clocking in at almost an hour, and styles/tracks from all over. I’ll dig into the contents more next time, but just go listen to it now. Scoot. Get on with it.

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