thank you - thank you - thank you - for every single one of you - thank you
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Light leaks make everything cooler
“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” 
― The Beatles


And the party never ends.

Sometimes, though, the road leads you to somewhere new, somewhere unexpected, somewhere beautiful. A place where the sun spills over the horizon and color shoots up towards the sky. The way behind you is beautiful too, because you've travelled it with beautiful people. And the road ahead dips behind a golden hill, beyond where you can see it, but the party rolls on. 

Here it is: David, Dees, and I are moving on, and BLUE HEALER is staying behind.

Excuse the mixed metaphors here, but...we've loved this wild ride. It was a fantastic season. The buzzer sounded and each of us can walk off the court feeling like we gave it 110%. But we're putting this puppy to bed. 

There is no way to give enough thanks to each and every one of you who've supported this band. Much love goes out to all the people we had the pleasure of meeting along the way. Each connection was, and will always be, inspiring to us. 

Thank you. With everything we have, thank you. 


We want to see everybody with us, belting out at the top of their lungs, for NYE in San Marcos, at KIVA with our good friends, The Deer

Come celebrate with us. RSVP here. Let's blow this thing out. 

Buy your friends a CD here, for Christmas, then invite them to the show and let's all sing along. 

Want to look back at the golden years? You can do it here.

Music is about the people who share it. We've been so incredibly lucky to share it with each other, and also with you. 

With all the Love,

David, Dees, and Bryan

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