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10th Anniversary of Saint Marianne's Canonization
~ October 21, 2022 ~

Follow us during these weeks leading up to Mother Marianne's Canonization Anniversary.

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Kristin Barrett-Anderson

Life changing decisions can be simple.

At some point, years ago, I made a decision: Being optimistic is worth everything. This decision allowed me to not fear doing things for others. If I felt the desire to compliment someone, give someone a gift, do something to make a difference, I would decide to simply do it instead of allowing fear or insecurity to creep in and talk me out of it. A part of being optimistic was to embrace my belief that everyone is good deep down. Knowing that every person is born without hate, prejudice and fear, allows me to always be optimistic about people – knowing that the good in them is there and reachable – and it is my responsibility to allow that goodness to be revealed. 

Simple in words but sometimes difficult in action. Being optimistic is a daily decision.

"Being of Service to Others"
Sister Jean Canora
In grammar school, I was so impressed with the dedication of the Sisters who taught me. The strength in service they gave to others through education and healthcare made me want to emulate them. I wished that I could be as dedicated to service as they were. Through the following years I discovered my call to be a nurse. The decision to follow the lead of the Sisters and go into healthcare set me on my journey; becoming a nurse and entering the Franciscan community of Sisters. Working with patients and children suffering from physical and mental challenges has fulfilled that grammar school dream.

Although my jobs and environments have changed through the years, my desire to be of service to others remains

What Does Marianne Mean to You?
Leading up to the anniversary of our Saint’s canonization, we are asking the question: What does Marianne mean to you? Each week we will hear from individuals answering this question, including our staff and historic figures.

Sister Mary Lawrence Hanley devoted 37 years to the Cause of Mother Marianne Cope.  Her tireless work and dedication resulted in Cope’s Canonization in 2012, making Mother Marianne the 5th American female saint.

Hanley’s copious research resulted in four books, including Pilgrimage and Exile, the official biography of Marianne Cope.  Outside of her work, Hanley also played baseball with local children, and loved riding her horse, Pacino. 

As news came in from the Vatican that the Cause of Marianne would be considered for sainthood, Hanley said, “My work is done.”  She died December 2, 2011, just a few days before the official announcement of Marianne’s canonization.

At her funeral, a former student called her, “a stickler for the facts.  [She] was like our defense lawyer for the cause.  She was a seeker of truth.”  This attention to detail, and passion for sharing Marianne’s story with the world, inspires our work today.

Sister Mary Laurence Hanley called Mother Marianne a "guiding light in her personal love of God and neighbor."
 - The Catholic Sun, May 2010

Did You Know?

In our "Did You Know?" segment, we will share interesting Marianne content that you may have never heard or read anywhere else.  
Did you know that a famous 'old time' movie actress wrote a letter to Sister Mary Laurence Hanley at the initiation of Mother Marianne's cause for Sainthood?

That actress was Loretta Young.

Sister recalled that Young's letter stated, "I am thrilled with Mother Marianne's very existence. She is a special child of God."

Sister Mary Laurence said in reference to the letter:  "I always recalled these words because they say it so well, that Mother Marianne is a source of encouragement and inspiration. This is our sisters' real purpose in honoring her - she can help others by her inspiration and by her prayers."

Loretta Young was an American actress with a film career spanning over four decades. She reached the pinnacle of her career when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in The Farmer's Daughter (1947).

It was stated that Young "Remains a symbol of beauty, serenity, and grace. But behind the glamour and stardom is a woman of substance whose true beauty lies in her dedication to her family, her faith, and her quest to live life with a purpose." - A&E Loretta Young documentary (1987).
Featured Gift Shop Items
This beautiful Saint Marianne Cope blessing door dangle will add a reminder of hope throughout the comings and goings of your day.  It could also be attached to a bedpost, adding hopeful intentions to your morning routine.  It is a perfect housewarming, get well soon, or gift of inspiration. In honor of the 10th  “Tin” anniversary of the canonization, we have created a keepsake tin adorned with the exclusive Commemorative Medallion created by the Sisters of St. Francis. Both items come gift boxed.

Material – Zin Alloy, Glass, Epoxy and Cord
Size – 3 ½ “ corded loop
           9 ¼ “ in length
Includes-Tau Crucifix, St. Francis image, St. Marianne image, Healing charm, Hope charm & Plumeria flower charm

$27.50 per set
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Official 12-page reflection booklet offered by St. Marianne’s congregation, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, to hundreds of pilgrims who made the journey to Rome to celebrate St. Marianne’s canonization. Includes prayers, reflections, and history to bring you closer to Mother Marianne, the first Franciscan saint in North America.
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We are honored to be the source of Saint Marianne Cope’s archives, museum and gift shop created by her community, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. 

Marianne’s story continues to be relevant today in her care for the sick and suffering; providing compassion and hope. Her innovations in hygiene and hospital care, patient’s rights and whole mind, body, spirit healing offer us a foundation for service in our community. The beauty and dignity that she incorporated into the lives of the patients in the hospitals where she administered and cared for the thousands suffering from leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in Hawaii reflect the faith and courage of her Franciscan values.

To share her story and carry on her legacy, we source and create merchandise to convey a dignified, accurate and inspiring message about our Saint Marianne.

We invite you to browse through our books, prints, cards, artwork, jewelry and more and hope that you are also inspired by her life of service. 

All profits from the sale of merchandise displayed in this catalog benefit the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum and its vision to educate and inspire people to incorporate empathy and compassion for all. Our merchandise is developed for you to take into your community and spread these values to promote kindness, peace and unity.
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