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10th Anniversary of Saint Marianne's Canonization
~ October 21, 2022 ~

Follow us during these weeks leading up to Mother Marianne's Canonization Anniversary.

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Reflecting on Wind
Kristin Barrett-Anderson

The wind symbolizes change, flow and spirit; change as in the “winds of change”, flow as in the “flow of life” and spirit as in the invisible but whose effects we can feel and see.

We can fight the wind or we can trust our faith to move with the flow and allow and adapt to the changes that it brings. Instead of fighting, can we learn from the wind? Can we feel its energy? Allow it to flow through us and teach us? Can it help us to see the other forces of nature or work or life that we are fighting against when we could be moving with the flow, in whatever direction it wants to take us? Maybe it’s telling us to move in the direction of a different job or leading us to a lifestyle or into nature or simply telling us to take a break from our fight.

I believe we can feel the wind behind us, giving us a gentle push toward what we are meant to be doing. And, once we start moving in that direction, we are not fighting it anymore but allowing it to motivate us to continue toward where we are meant to be.
Power of the Wind
Sister Jean Canora
The wind is powerful and from a distance, we don’t realize how powerful it can be.

Human nature tries to tell us to be a bit more careful with our resources. These are hints that tell us to do more.

We are blessed here, in upstate New York – where we are, not coping with the hurricanes and other disasters we hear of around the world.

Watching the news, from the comfort of our homes, we can be praying for those who are there, in it, experiencing it. We have two sisters in Florida who I pray for, but I also pray for the people who go toward the disaster like news people. I watch them on TV, knowing they are sacrificing their personal lives to tell us what’s going on.

I often think of the people who are far-removed from us, that we rarely consider – but we can. 

What Does Marianne Mean to You?
Leading up to the anniversary of our Saint’s canonization, we are asking the question: What does Marianne mean to you? Each week we will hear from individuals answering this question, including our staff and historic figures.

Our reflection this week is from Susan Maurillo Sims.

During my time as a Eucharistic Minister at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, CA, I was reminded of Saint Marianne’s selflessness and commitment to the sick.

Oftentimes, it was required of me to “gown up” ministering to a patient in isolation.

I walked with Saint Marianne alongside me, marveling at her fearless spirit amongst the most contagious patients.

She gave me the courage and the strength to say “yes”

Just as she said “yes” to the Outcasts of Molokai.

I am truly blessed by her life and her Spirit remains a constant in my daily routine.

In 1943, Susan's grandparents; Vitantonio and Rosaria Clavelli Maurillo purchased a duplex at 601 N. Townsend Street (the address of the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum). Rosaria Maurillo planted her own garden filled with roses and hydrangeas in the very same spot the garden now stands. Generations grew up in, played and prayed together at the house. We are grateful to the Maurillo family.
Many friends and devoted followers of Saint Marianne Cope have experienced her powerful intercession or been inspired by her life and legacy. We invite you to share your experience and reflect on the question: "What does Saint Marianne Mean to Me?"
Please allow us to share your story and carry on Marianne's legacy by contacting us directly at; or by filling out the form at

We love to hear your inspiring stories!

Did You Know?

In our "Did You Know?" segment, we will share interesting Marianne content that you may have never heard or read anywhere else.  

This week, our prayers are with those impacted by Hurricane Ian. We are sharing this interesting impression of Mother Marianne during a wind storm on Kalaupapa; showing that during natural disasters it was important that the Sisters and all patients look out for each other.
"One day Sister Leopoldina was sent by mother to a poor woman who had scalded her legs badly, Sister Vincent accompanied her, and on their way the Sisters noticed clouds of earth and dust forming into pillars and whirling about, although as yet there was no wind.

After their return, and during supper, a terrible wind arose, the girls were terrified and immediately Mother and the Sisters went to see after them.  The air was full of flying boards, shingles, and anything that had been lying around. Mother and the Sisters gathered all their children into the strongest built cottage of the lot, three of the cottages were blown off their foundations, and the veranda of the house in which some of the girls were was torn away, the corner of it striking one of the girls.  

Mother decided the convent was the safest place, so they all took refuge there, placing the sick along the lanai.  After a short time, Father Wendelin arrived with some of the men, to help, the Sisters were surprised to see so many of the men, thinking they would be looking after their own houses, but they told them, the small cottages had all been blown away, and the people had taken refuge in the valley.  

All through the Settlement, great damage was done, but no lives lost.  The Mormon Church entirely disappeared probably blown out to sea, as no trace of it was ever found.  Only one girl was injured in the Bishop Home, and the Church came through the terrible storm unharmed."

Image below: A poem clipping that Mother Marianne included in one of her scrapbooks; she was known to compile poems and reflections that she found inspiring and meaningful.
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We are honored to be the source of Saint Marianne Cope’s archives, museum and gift shop created by her community, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. 

Marianne’s story continues to be relevant today in her care for the sick and suffering; providing compassion and hope. Her innovations in hygiene and hospital care, patient’s rights and whole mind, body, spirit healing offer us a foundation for service in our community. The beauty and dignity that she incorporated into the lives of the patients in the hospitals where she administered and cared for the thousands suffering from leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in Hawaii reflect the faith and courage of her Franciscan values.

To share her story and carry on her legacy, we source and create merchandise to convey a dignified, accurate and inspiring message about our Saint Marianne.

We invite you to browse through our books, prints, cards, artwork, jewelry and more and hope that you are also inspired by her life of service. 

All profits from the sale of merchandise displayed in this catalog benefit the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum and its vision to educate and inspire people to incorporate empathy and compassion for all. Our merchandise is developed for you to take into your community and spread these values to promote kindness, peace and unity.
Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

As you may know, many animal blessings are held on St. Francis' feast day. The shrine and museum visited Purpose Farm in Baldwinsville, New York a couple of years ago for an animal blessing. We are sharing a candid moment from that day in honor of St. Francis.
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