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10th Anniversary of Saint Marianne's Canonization
~ October 21, 2022 ~

Follow us during these weeks leading up to Mother Marianne's Canonization Anniversary.

We'll be sharing thoughtful messages, exciting new merchandise, research on and reflections about our beloved Saint Marianne Cope.
Expressing a Friendly Attitude
Kristin Barrett-Anderson

As the isolation resulting from the Covid outbreak took us from in-person meetings to on-line, I had a cathartic conversation with one of the Sisters of St. Francis.

We agreed that the energy that passes between people meeting in person was missing. An amount of understanding and compassionate empathy was lost. There is a palpable energy we feel and understand when seeing someone across a room, walking on a busy sidewalk or sharing a table in a café. There is an instinctual emotion that can be interpreted. I see this with my father who is in late-phase Alzheimers. It doesn’t matter if he knows my name or that I am his daughter. He can interpret the smile and warmth and when he doesn’t remember my name, he names me “love”.

"If someone greets me with a nice smile, and expresses a genuine friendly attitude, I appreciate it very much. Though I might not know that person, or even understand their language, my heart is instantly gladdened." - Dalai Lama
Dedication to Service
Sister Jean Canora
Mother Marianne dedicated herself to what was needed at the time.
Even though we know that she wanted to enter the religious community at the age of 15, she dedicated herself to her family until she was not needed at home. She Indicates that she wanted to be a teacher and loved teaching but when the orders came for her to act as Superior of a school or a convent, she dedicated herself to that work. Her dedication to being a hospital administrator created historic innovations in healthcare. And, when she was called to a foreign land to care for a community suffering from a debilitating, fearful and deadly disease, she answered that call and dedicated her last 35 years to them.

We can be inspired by her in that no matter where we are called to serve, our dedication is what makes all the difference in what we will remember and take away from that experience.

What Does Marianne Mean to You?
Leading up to the anniversary of our Saint’s canonization, we are asking the question: What does Marianne mean to you? Each week we will hear from individuals answering this question, including our staff and historic figures.

Our reflection this week is Eugene Cahalan:


During despair she reached out, pulled me in, and gave me a home filled with love, respect and hope.

So. Yes, everything."

In case you missed it, one of our previous newsletters shared Eugene Cahalan's story and how he became a friend to us at the shrine and museum. We are grateful to know him.
Many friends and devoted followers of Saint Marianne Cope have experienced her powerful intercession or been inspired by her life and legacy. We invite you to share your experience and reflect on the question: "What does Saint Marianne Mean to Me?"
Please allow us to share your story and carry on Marianne's legacy by contacting us directly at; or by filling out the form at

We love to hear your inspiring stories!
A Tour with the Bishop of Syracuse
Bishop Douglas Lucia visited the museum last week. The Sisters of St. Francis’ Leadership Team joined us in welcoming him and the Chancellor of the Diocese to take a tour. We shared stories of our Saint and also shared how we reflect on her story to teach people to incorporate compassionate empathy into their day-to-day lives. What a beautiful day to share with Bishop Lucia and Danielle Cummings.
Left to right: Sisters James Peter Ridgeo, Pamela Conte, Donna McGartland, Chancellor Danielle Cummings, Kristin Barrett-Anderson, Sister Jeanne Weisbeck, Bishop Douglas Lucia, Sister Rita Marie Fritzen

Did You Know?

In our "Did You Know?" segment, we will share interesting Marianne content that you may have never heard or read anywhere else.  

In the past few years we have discovered that plants and trees Mother Marianne planted around the convent on Kalaupapa held medicinal properties for treating skin irritations.

“Mother had endless beautiful plants and loads of the choicest fruit trees that she had planted and tenderly cared for with her own hands.  There was a blessing in her hands for every seed she put in the ground did wonderfully well.  And she never refused any one that asked her for plants.”
~ Sister Leopoldina Burns notes on the Evergreen Home
Image: Landscape of the Sisters Convent at Bishop Home on Kalaupapa
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We are honored to be the source of Saint Marianne Cope’s archives, museum and gift shop created by her community, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities. 

Marianne’s story continues to be relevant today in her care for the sick and suffering; providing compassion and hope. Her innovations in hygiene and hospital care, patient’s rights and whole mind, body, spirit healing offer us a foundation for service in our community. The beauty and dignity that she incorporated into the lives of the patients in the hospitals where she administered and cared for the thousands suffering from leprosy (Hansen’s disease) in Hawaii reflect the faith and courage of her Franciscan values.

To share her story and carry on her legacy, we source and create merchandise to convey a dignified, accurate and inspiring message about our Saint Marianne.

We invite you to browse through our books, prints, cards, artwork, jewelry and more and hope that you are also inspired by her life of service. 

All profits from the sale of merchandise displayed in this catalog benefit the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum and its vision to educate and inspire people to incorporate empathy and compassion for all. Our merchandise is developed for you to take into your community and spread these values to promote kindness, peace and unity.
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