Our boiler needs stoking!
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There's something special about doing a project like Steampunk Universe.

While the anthology might have a single theme, each author's story is their own, individual take on that theme. The ones I enjoy the most are like a great mixtape, where the way each author approaches the theme surprises and delights.


Fiction has a special role in the way we relate to each other. Fiction can take us outside of our own experience and give us a small hint of what it's like to be someone else.


Speculative fiction - including steampunk - has always been a metaphorical mirror to our own society, allowing us to see ourselves and our behaviors from the outside in ways that we otherwise couldn't.


It's not magic, really.


It's the interworking of dozens of finely machined gears. It's the craftswoman adjusting the tension on a spring so it doesn't break. It's the stoker making sure the furnace fires stay burning. It's the conductor collecting tickets, the passengers watching the landscape roll by, the excited child standing next to the engineer who gets to pull the cord and hear the train's steam whistle.


It might not be magic, but it's still amazing.


Especially with a project like Steampunk Universe, making an anthology of steampunk stories that feature diverse characters who are disabled or aneurotypical.


But I'm a bit worried.


Contributions to the Kickstarter for Steampunk Universe have slowed this week.


We've got to get up the number of contributors if we're going to make this book happen. Even one dollar helps.

If you've contributed, thank you! Please consider sharing the campaign on social media or reaching out to people you know personally and asking them to give a dollar. People often need see or hear about something new two, three, or four times before they'll actually take the step to support a campaign.


And if you haven't haven't backed us yet...


Contribute to the Kickstarter now!


Let's get those gears turning.


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