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Kids are curious about the world around them. 

It can be difficult for anyone to distinguish between a cannabis cookie and the real thing. It's even harder for children.

Many parents make the mistake of unintentionally leaving goodies unprotected from sticky fingers tempted by familiar looking treats. 

States are struggling to keep infused edibles from accidentally getting into kid’s hands.

Colorado law requires that all edibles be sold in child-resistant containers, similar to pharmaceuticals. Once cannabis products leave the dispensary, it's important to then safely store them away. Smaller children and toddlers are at a higher risk of ingesting too much due to their size, weight, and their inability to not put things in their mouth. 


Cannabis related hospital visits are significantly less than the incidents related to pharmaceuticals or household products.

We all have an endocannabinoid system which promotes balance in our bodies. There are no cannabinoid receptors in the brain stem areas controlling respiration so a lethal overdose cannot occur. Unlike opioids, which bind to receptors located in the spinal cord, brain and can cause accidental overdose. 

If you believe your child has consumed edibles due to their red eyes, upset stomach and are in an abnormal mood - first assess the situation. Ask your child, if they’re old enough, what they ingested. Otherwise consult the Poison Help Center at (800) 222-1222 to discuss what further actions need to be taken.

Consider purchasing a lock box to securely store medicine in the home or while travelling.

To avoid mishaps at other homes, chat with the parents about how they store their medicine, just like you’d discuss dietary restrictions or allergies. Most importantly, be open with your children. If you have cannabis in your home, ensure it’s a priority to keep your kids safe from preventable accidents. Educate them about what your medicine is and why you need to be the one working with it, not them. 


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