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Greetings from your Lt. Governor!

Hello my Diamond Dinos! 

I hope you are all enjoying your wonderful summer! Remember to really try to accomplish something great this time of the year for, this is the time most of us have more free time. Don't forget to sit back and relax here and there, because taking a break is also very important. Anyway, dive right into your Daily Diamond filled with exciting information about what's been going on in Diamond Division! I present to you our Daily Diamond!

Diamond Division's
End of the Year Banquet Celebration

If you would like to access all the photos taken during our banquet simply just take a look at our Diamond Division Facebook group page! On the group page you can find all the photos you took with your friends and fellow KI(WINNERS). If you cannot access the Facebook page or cannot locate the photos yourself simply contact me personally and I will get the photos right to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
End of the Year Slideshow

2014-2015 Term

Dear Karina, 

It was an honor to see all the hard work you have done for this Division, for this Organization to be recognized at our banquet. You have put in so much work for so long, and it is amazing to see everything finally pay off. Your term was legendary, for you have given this division something to remember, and that was to "serve selflessly and live endlessly". Words cannot express not only my support as your successor but the support of the division and all its adult advisors. Diamond thanks you for an unforgettable year.

L-O-V-E I will always love my L-T-G. 

-Anthony Orejana
Aren't you excited for District Convention 2016?
I know I am! Try to guess this year's theme by looking at the hint given to you above!
Take a look at the sneak peek of the District Convention 2015 Recap Video! It is sure to bring back the excitement you all felt when you first entered the hotel. DCON is closer than you think everyone, and it is never too early to start getting pumped.

What's Up Dinos?

    Who doesn't want to have a great summer? Playing in the water, relaxing in the sun, summer is the chance for everybody to unwind after a long school year and with that in mind, the Palos Verdes High Kiwins Club decided to hold a fundraiser to collect summer supplies for those without the means to obtain their own. Corresponding with Pavilions, our club president arranged for us to be set up a booth at the entrance of their nearest location to collect summer supplies such as flip flops, towels, sunscreen, and toys. Held from 9-12 with 3 two hour shifts, our booth was a great success. Not only did the fundraiser exceed our expectations, we also raised about $150 worth of summer supplies. 

Great Job Palos Verdes!

What's Up Dinos?

Take a look at a wonderful effort from Peninsula High School to raise money for Pediatric Trauma Program(PTP). It may seem like simple event to gather loose change and donate it towards a good cause. But, it takes real effort to actually follow through with the plan and make action happen.

Great job Peninsula!

Diamond Officer of the Month

Nathan Pereira, Peninsula High School

 I nominate Nathan Pereira, our treasurer, as the officer of the month because while trying to settle in to the new term and struggling to find ways to open up our club more to members so that we could grow, Nathan has been one of the select people in our board who has been willing to help me as a president at every turn. I know this may be a struggle for him as he is busy preparing for his junior year and with dance practices with Future Shock LA. He communicates with me regularly, letting me know if he will or will not be able to attend an event at a reasonable time and attends almost all, if not every event.

 He is a wonderful member of the KIWINS family and his smile and laughter at the events not only brighten my mood but everyone else’s mood there as well. He truly tries his best to reach out to non-members and cares deeply about the service we dedicate ourselves to and to the KIWINS Ohana.

Nathan has been planning events to fundraise for our club and also for Project Eliminate. He, in coordination with myself, has been planning with PV High’s club to hold a bake sale. We don’t have any specific fundraisers thus far or any unique or large events we have made possible at the moment but Nathan has worked tirelessly to plan fundraisers.    
-Aimy Lee, Peninsula Co-President



Diamond Member of the Month

Johnnny Calderon, Downey High School

Johnny is on of my up and up members.  He is one of the nicest and most respectful people you can ever meet. He has a heart set on being a pianist and movie director and is not afraid to open up to the nearest possible group of KIWIN’S around him.  His friendliness is contagious and his smiles are like a disease.  Johnny is one of the few members I have that I can confidently say that he genuinely makes an effort to make it to every single possible KIWIN’S event.  Every time I thank him for coming out to an event, he tends to smile and say, “why not if I know I’d be at home on the couch, I’d rather do something productive.”  Which is exactly what he does.

-Daniel Gonzalez, Downey President 

Photos from the July Divisional Council Meeting   (DCM) - Recap Video Coming Soon!

Upcoming Events & Reminders

  • July 24th KIWIN'S Beach Palooza
    • A collaborative beach clean up event with Crystal, Jet, and Goldstone
    • After the clean up we will get the chance to bond and socialize with other fellow KIWIN'S
    • Stay posted for more information

Diamond Regional Advisor:

  • Mrs. Kris Ross

 Assistant Diamond Regional Advisor:

  • Ms. Dawn Bayer 

District Governor:

  • Jade Wong

 Diamond Lieutenant Governor:

  • Anthony Orejana


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