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August 23, 2018
A sustainable future grows amid daily airport operations

Last year was an exceptional year for Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). The 23rd busiest airport in the United States saw approximately 370 daily scheduled commercial departures. While supporting those flights, SLC continued development of their $3.6B project: The New SLC.   

B E T T E R   B U I L D I N G S
Whatever the reason, increased wood use contributes to a more sustainable built environment

Cross-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber draw the attention of building designers by providing strength and dimensional stability while providing a carbon-friendly alternative, even where wood is not typically used. 

N E W S   &   N O T E S
China’s environmental concerns bring lower solar costs
China’s awareness of chronic air, water, and waste pollution have led to a significant focus on renewable energy. In 2017, the most populous country on the planet saw 53 gigawatts of solar power brought online. That 75 percent increase from the previous year nearly tripled 2015 production
Online portal makes the most of unsold food
A startup company, Spoiler Alert, offers a way to substantially reduce food waste. Their strategy includes a tracking tool for grocers, food distributors and manufacturers to record and monitor food recovery and waste diversion. Then, an online portal assists in enabling food donations, discounted sales, and the redistribution of organic byproducts.
Smart City leaders to explore sustainable solutions
Over 400 leaders from Smart Cities worldwide will convene in Sacramento, California, November 27-29 for a Meeting of the Minds Summit.

Among the workshop and session topics: Climate resiliency, downtown & waterfront redevelopment, the Internet Of Things, and transportation.
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