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July, 2018
10 ways hospitals achieve resiliency

The nonprofit organization, Practice Greenhealth, champions best practices for hospital environmental stewardship. On May 9th, it presented Circles of Excellence Awards to member healthcare organizations that excelled in specific categories of sustainability while achieving...   

News & Notes
The 4,199 solar panels installed at Harrington HealthCare in Webster, Massachusetts will generate approximately 1.3 million kWh per year.

While the hospital trims its energy expenses, it brings opportunity to dozens of nearby residents who may subscribe to a community solar program. The program is will save subscribers an estimated 15% per year.

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), an organization of 101 healthcare facilities in 18 states offers a downloadable report on Climate Change and Human Health in the United States. The report looks at how climate change impacts severe medical conditions including cancer, respiratory illness. Impacts on cardiovascular, neurological, vector-borne, and zoonotic diseases are also explored.

For each topic, suggestions for “What Can We Do?” are provided. The 29-page report concludes with a substantial list of learning resources.
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