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July, 2018
10 ways hospitals achieve resiliency
The nonprofit organization, Practice Greenhealth, champions best practices for hospital environmental stewardship. On May 9th, it presented Circles of Excellence Awards to member healthcare organizations that excelled in specific categories of sustainability while achieving...   
FAA awards infrastructure grants to 214 airports

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the first allotment of Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants had been announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The 241 grants ranged from $50K to over $24 million. They were approved for airports in 43 states....   

News & Notes

Green buildings make smarter workplaces

For six days, a study by Harvard University and SUNY Upstate Medical University exposed participants to the varied conditions of conventional and green office buildings. The green-certified, high-performance conditions brought 26 percent higher cognitive function scores. 

What greater value will be found in the energy cloud?

Today, many energy networks have a hub-and-spoke design. These centralized networks may one day be superceded by a network-of-networks. In that.model, two-way energy flows are designed to enable greater interactivity between producers, consumers, and prosumers.

Environmental and social innovation proves good for business

Sustainable Brands shares news online, holds events and offers online learning tools and programs. It's all designed for developing innovative environmental brands and businesses, focused on enabling a more sustainable economy
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