Dear Friends in Christ,

Pandemic fatigue. It’s a real thing – yesterday I read an article in BuzzFeed about it. I’ve had more people say to me that’s it’s becoming harder to get out of bed. After the pre-Christmas rush and the Christmas celebrations (however diminished they might have been), the emphasis on the new year, the new administration getting in and sorting out the pandemic, suddenly there is a blank wall in front of us. I find that I’m struggling with impatience and the reality that, yeah, this isn’t ending soon. Now, there is just more waiting. I want to be able to meet a friend at a café and sit for a few hours discussing everything under the sun as we sip our coffee and eat our biscotti. I want to be able to meet a friend/colleague who lives 40 minutes away in Connecticut. Instead, here I am at home – waiting.

Reports of a rise in mental health issues for middle-schoolers and teens are unsettling. While there has been a dearth of mental health professionals before the pandemic, I fear that after we have achieved a herd immunity through vaccinations and continued masking, there will be a greater need for mental health professionals. Will we support that need?

In our reading from Mark this week, Jesus confronts, in the synagogue, a man with “an unclean spirit.” Two thousand years ago they didn’t have the same understanding of mental health and illness that we have today. They didn’t have the language to talk about mental illness. This doesn’t mean that identified conditions on the mental health spectrum didn’t exist. It only means that our ancestors had a different way of talking about them. One of the most common ways of identifying mental health issues was to claim that a person was “possessed.” He/she had an alien spirit inside of them and it needed to be brought out.

As someone who has lived with depression for many years, I wish it was a matter of getting the spirit out of me. What I have learned, though, is that it’s not something other than me. My depression is part of who I am. I have learned coping skills to help me navigate the rougher waters and to accept that part of me with its curse – and its blessings.

Jesus sees the pain in this man. He understands that the voice speaking is not who the man is, only his pain speaking. Jesus doesn’t ridicule this man or ask him to leave because of his disruptive behavior. He reaches into this man’s pain and gives him relief. With the “unclean spirit” gone, the man is now accepted as one of the group. He is allowed back into community with the others in his village.

In this difficult time of waiting, of having to be isolated from one another, we can learn from this encounter. We are not alone. We hope for the things unseen. We can be responsible for forgiving ourselves for experiencing feelings that are not always good ones. 

Everything wasn’t suddenly ok after 20 January. And yet, here we are, facing the same old tasks that existed before the inauguration. Perhaps we need a time of restoration and rest, in this month of January when winter descends for real. But, the work of justice making never ends. 

I know I quote this spiritual a lot, but the words give me such comfort:

“O Lord, oh Lord, keep your hand on the plow, hold on”

You can listen to Mahalia Jackson sing this:


Peace and grace,
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