Updates from The Denan Project - Winter, 2016
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A report from Dick Young, President and Founder of The Denan Project
Denan, Ethiopia

Our doctor in Denan assesses a crowd waiting outside our medical facility.

While the severe drought and famine in Ethiopia have fortunately not affected the Denan area, we have received reports from Community Elders that the climate in the region also appears to be changing, with an increase in the already-high temperatures. Although the dry season is nearing its peak, the incidence of a particularly virulent form of malaria has taken hold, along with numerous cases of diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infections. The situation is so severe that almost every family has been affected by one of these diseases. Thankfully, a new grant that should help our hospital deal with the situation has come through from a foundation wishing to remain anonymous.

Our work in economic development continues in Denan, and we were pleased to recently grant five new micro-loans. We have an amazing record of a 100% loan repayment rate in this community, and at all our sites.



Cuyes, or guinea pigs, raised by micro-loan projects in Uratari Peru.

Our health center in Uratari continues to operate well, with excellent cooperation from local government agencies. We are particularly proud of the wonderful support and cooperation we are getting from Red Norte, the equivalent of the Ministry of Health of the state of Cusco, which provides a full time nurse and some critical medicines to our health center. Our health center in Uratari is the only medical facility in Peru where the entire staff speaks Quechua, the native language of the indigenous people of the High Andes. This makes for excellent cooperation, communication, and trust between our staff and the local communities we serve.

All our micro loans to the villages of Uratari, Churo, and Pampahuaylla have been repaid early and new micro-loans issued. Due in part to the success of our “Giving Tuesday” campaign as well as the incredible generosity of a donor, we will be starting a new micro-loan program in the village of Choquemarca, the poorest village in the Limatambo District of Anta Province. The loan is earmarked for a new business focused on the raising and sale of the small animals known as cuyes – thereby improving the economy as well as the availability of protein for the town's impoverished inhabitants.



The newly purchased ambulance for our Mongolia health facility.

This winter has been unusually harsh in Tariat. Fortunately, the fodder program we funded has been extremely beneficial in helping 400 to 500 families who now have feed for their animals. This has also greatly reduced animal disease.

Because of The Denan Project, the hospital is now able to serve patients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days each week, and currently treats about 30,000 patients a year. Prior to our arrival the hospital was only able to remain open 9 months a year because of a lack of funding for medicines, lab supplies, bandages, needles, and most importantly, heat. TDP also recently purchased a new ambulance for the hospital, enabling it to reach and help a far greater number of


Burkina Faso

Patients waiting to see a doctor at our medical facility.

In December a new doctor began working at our medical facility in Ouadaradouo – Dr. Abedel Traore. Among other areas of suggested improvements, he has asked us to help improve the center’s malaria diagnostic tools and the quality of medicines because of the increased prevalence of this disease. Our work in economic development is also growing nicely. In September, the first micro-loan was paid on time and a new one was issued for the purpose of cultivating and selling fruits and nuts.

Navajo Nation, Arizona

A mother and child on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.
(Photo by Ed Cunicelli for the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health)
Board members Jarret Schecter and Richard Wool made their first site visit to Chinle, Arizona since TDP’s funding of the Family Spirit maternal and child health program began. Both were impressed with the carefully structured training program that seeks to advise and counsel young mothers and families on subjects such as pre- and post-natal care, parenting skills, and nutrition. Tailored specifically to the Native American community, the program seeks to prevent many of the problems that plague members of this poor community – domestic violence, substance abuse, and diseases like diabetes.

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Since our founding in 2004 we have provided free, quality health care to more than 400,000 needy people around the world. And we have awarded more than $77,000 in micro-loans,

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Eileen Denver

Eileen is blessed at an Incan ceremony during a recent site visit to Uaratari, Peru.

TDP is entirely volunteer-run and relies exclusively on the donated time and energy of our Board members and Volunteers.  One of our most dedicated volunteers is our Corresponding Secretary and Board Member Eileen Denver, who has been working with TDP since its very beginning in 2004. “The idea of one community helping another really spoke to me,” said Eileen. “The town of Woodbury, CT where I live and TDP started, is not much larger than Denan, Ethiopia, yet we live such different lives. I feel privileged to be able to work with an organization that is making the world a better place in a real way.”

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