A report from Dick Young, President and Founder of The Denan Project
Welcome to our first “News from the Field” Newsletter! Our goal will be to update you a few times a year so that you can see the good work our organization is undertaking and the real impact of your contributions. We hope you find it informative.
Each year, The Denan Project (TDP) Board members and volunteers undertake numerous trips to report on the progress of our various project sites first-hand. In December 2014, Board Member Jarret Schecter and I visited Denan, Ethiopia. So much has changed. When I first visited Denan in 2002, conditions were truly terrible. A tiny health post was barely functioning, with no doctor, no nurse, and few or no medicines. There was not enough food for the 35,000 people living in the immediate area, and not enough potable water.

It is with great pride that I can share with you the improvements in the lives of the people of Denan today. Our hospital, on average, now cares for more than 2,300 patients each month. In December, 2014, we cared for more than 2,900 people, the most we have ever treated in any one-month period. All patients continue to receive treatment entirely free of charge.
Our agricultural program in Denan has helped the farmers produce a bumper crop of sorghum this year (left)! A TDP-funded cooperative group was given the use of a tractor and plowing implements, as well as sandbags to divert the flow of water during the rainy season to the farmers’ fields. The result was an amazing fourfold increase in the sorghum crop.
A TDP group visited our medical program in Tariat, Mongolia last July. With me were Board members Jeffrey Barist, Jarret Schecter and Richard Wool. We confirmed that the hospital we support continues to do excellent work in this poor, isolated community. (Left: A happy mother and her child after a hospital stay.)
Since our involvement, the rate of children’s acute respiratory infections has been reduced by 61% – from 193 cases in 2013 to 74 in 2014. This is in addition to an astonishing 150% and 160% decline in the rate of infant and child mortality! The number of patients continues to increase year-to-year, as ours remains the only hospital in the area, caring for about 30,000 people annually. 
In January I visited our program in Uratari, Peru, which goes beyond providing medical and dental care. We have several successful micro-loan projects, most of which are for bee-keeping (left) and the raising of cuyes (guinea pigs), which provide a valuable source of protein for the impoverished
families of the region.  Our two winners of TDP scholarships, students who are recent top graduates from the high school in Uratari, are enrolled in classes in San Antonio University and at the Senati Technical Institute, both in Cusco.
Board Member Jarret Schecter visited our project site in Ouadaradouo, Burkina Faso in December 2014. There our newly expanded health center is functioning efficiently and is now treating approximately 350 patients a month (left: Doctor Sedogo with one of his patients).
In December, our first 10-person micro loan group was established with a loan of $1,500. Among other activities, this group will produce shea butter and food products for local resale.
Finally, I would like to congratulate new TDP Board members Jeffrey Barist and Richard Wool. They are already committed supporters, and we are thrilled to welcome their expertise to our Board. (Left: Board members Jarret Schecter, Richard Wool, Dick Young and Jeffrey Barist on their Mongolia trip in July, 2014.)
Thank you for your ongoing support of The Denan Project! We look forward to sharing more of these reports with you in the future.  We also encourage you to “Like” us on our Facebook page where we post more frequent updates.
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