So one week ago the MM case judgment was handed down in the Supreme Court.  There was so much anticipation attached to it, that while Home Office kept winning the battles, we'd win the war.  Alas, it's not quite the happy ending we wanted.  But it's not a farcical tragedy either.

There will be changes to the rules and guidance to take into account best interest of children; some allowance is to be made for reliable alternative sources of funding - HO seems to have been given quite a bit of leeway here though.  The minimum income requirement principle has been ruled lawful, even as the Supreme Court accepts that this may be a permanent impediment to some British citizens from ever being able to live in the UK with their partner.

I have been slow in communicating with you since the judgment was handed down.  It's been a combination of shock, despair, and dejection, and not knowing what to say.  But the positives are that there is to be an improvement in the rules ad guidance, so that is a huge victory.  Alas it's not something that will address all the issues though and many of you will still not be able to meet the criteria to live in the UK with your family.

Personal musings, more a general whinge really, on the judgment is here.  I wrote this while I was still working up to writing an overview of the SC judgment, which is now also up on our website.
And here for a full case overview, covering both the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

This isn't the end of the road however.  There is huge media interest on the impact of these rules on families, especially on the back of the Irene Clennell case, which wasn't news to any MMcase families.  What is of great comfort is the huge wave of public and political support for Irene's plight which bodes well for us. Please see where media has expressed interest and get in touch with the journalists to voice your concern over the treatment of families by this government - that because of one foreign family member, the HO refers to the entire unit as a 'migrant family' to hide from the general public the impact these rules have on British citizens.

The MM case judgment may also feed in to the ADR case. Our lawyers are assessing how - more on this to come.


9th March 2-4pm will see a UK Family Migration policy event in Glasgow, hosted jointly by SNP Westminster Justice and Home Affairs Group and GRAMnet. The discussion will focus on family migration from a Scottish perspective and will cover the MM case - I am keen for ADR to also be raised. 

If any Scottish members are interested and able to attend. please let me know and I'll put you in touch with the organiser.  The panel is stellar and includes Stuart McDonald, MP who is aware of the problems with UK's family immigration rules.


We have been flooded with interest from journalists wishing to cover the MM case and impact on families. 

Being under-resourced and overworked, it is not feasible for us to seek out families to speak to the media, hence we are requesting you take a proactive approach.  There is a page set up for the various media opportunities.

Please regularly check this page to have your voice heard and contact all those you wish to speak with.


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